What to do if you are new? - CDO Introduction thread

So I registered on your forum for the first time. Totally new to CDs as well.
Admittedly, I’m still a bit discomfortable with this bright mobile-first future (seen a similar software on KoW-forum, but still), so maybe I’m missing things. The Welcome section contains a few general info with links to some threads (like the meme explanation), but there is no place to say hello or something, right?

Also, what is the “creed” thing about one has to choose when registering (the hat-mask-helm thing)?

I originally wanted to ask in another section about something entirely different, but I’d like to stop being confused first. ^^


Cheers and welcome, Kuanor! Great that you found your way here.

So let’s see: The “creed” thing is a relict from an older age (i.e. our old forum). Over the years, the Chaos Dwarf models have come with a variety of head-options. There were models with horned helmets, models with big hats, models with masks and bare-headed ones. The creed-thing simply asks how you prefer your Chaos Dwarfs. It’s perfectly fine to not have an opinion here, especially if you’re new to Chaos Dwarfs :slight_smile:

And you are right, there is no general “hello” thread. Mainly that’s because we also have a corresponding Discord-Server, which is a little bit more convenient for this. But great that you did this shoutout! Now on to your original question :wink:

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Alright, thanks!

Well, I do have a preference, I was just wondering if there is more to it and whether I allocate the three terms correctly to the models I remember.
Maybe this is something (to give a concrete feedback/suggestion in the sense of the Feedback section we are in) that could be explained in the Welcome section.
And a Hello thread where new people could be pointed to inside the forum instead of outwards, too?

Anyway, I’ll write my question in an appropriate thread in a minute, it’s about models, not feedback. :slight_smile:


Fair enough! :slight_smile: Paging @Oxymandias and @MichaelX, as they’ve written the existing posts in the Welcome section, maybe this is something which could be implemented. Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.

May I ask how you have found your way to this little corner of the interwebs?


During some research on some CD topic (which is jargon for scrolling through pictures in a search engine), I guess. I knew in the back of my head that there had been a CD forum but I didn’t check if it is still alive until I came across your yearly painting challenge (in the old forum, but still rather recent).


Awesome! So glad you took the plunge and created an account.

And what’s your history with Chaos Dwarfs? You have some models? Or you’re planning on getting some? If yes, do you play? Which game system (or edition, in case of Warhammer) floats you boat?

Good suggestion on the introductions thread. We had one on the old forum. Not sure why we don’t have one here


Finished typing the thread, I’m explaining part of it there:

But no, I haven’t even had a game since I posses CD models at all, who are not even finished and too little on top!
I had gotten some from Russian Alternative not quite a month ago and am doing some small but careful conversions with them, so they take some time.


Welcome! :slight_smile: …and yes we should have this kind of thread again, in your honor Ill move it to the “Welcome to CDO” section.


@Kuanor I created 2 subcategories to this category and added a how to to it. Feel free to suggest improvements if desired


OK, now in the correct subforum:
Hello! :upside_down_face:

Everything else has been already said, mostly.

Apart maybe from… for the most past I’m a Dark Elf player, so consider you infiltrated.


Shocked… how could this have happened…

@admins we need to start whipping our slaves more…

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