WTB: Big Hats in EU

Hello all! I’m looking for original Big Hat chaos dwarf mini’s to get back into the hobby. Since the prices on ebay are high and the VAT on purchases from UK, I’m trying my luck here. Anybody in the EU willing to part with either a few models or a whole bunch… I’m interested!

edit: forgot to mention. I’m in the Netherlands myself.


Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, I don’t have any I would be willing to part from – they are pretty rare these days. If you have realistic price expectations I would suggest to keep an eye on EU eBay (Germany, France, …) for auctions (not the listed sales, they are, as you say, way overpriced), they pop up from time to time.

Not sure how important it is to you that they are OG GW stuff but in case you are not aware of them: Fabelzel’s sculpts are pretty close in style!

No problem, still appreciate the message. I’m in it for nostalgia’s sake so I’m starting with the originals. Will probably overpay, preferably someone in the community. I was there at the start of the old forum. I can’t believe how alive and kicking it is!


You could checkout the facenook group? We get the occasional sale here but its not very active, especially in benelux or even eu.

I’m lurking around sale places just for fun, I do have most of the models I want, but seems to me that original 4th-5th edition Big Hats are sold out. The few remainings on sale have crazy prices :worried:

I wish you the best but wont’ be easy.

I can help you from the UK without having to go thru ebay. Prices around half of ebay


Anything in particular you’re looking for?

I could dig around to see if I have any extras.

I’m also from NL so shipping shouldn’t be a problem.