ZODDs Realm of Chaos(-dwarf)

Cheers anzu, much appreciated. I started off carving in with a scalpel, but once i heated the knife up i could get a couple of lines done before the blade cooled. Push in slightly harder to make separate planks.My technique got better when i started making small circles for knots of wood :wood: making the lines slightly more circular. It is a slow process, a bunsen beside you would be preferable. I toook a couple of bits to work to get access to a bunsen.

Its great to use waste material for stuff, love my sprue goo too (in acetone) for filling holes and giving some (basic) texture as it dries.

Have a go, i wonder what you will make?


Sounds neat, thanks! I need to try this. Perhaps a candle or alcohol lamp would suffice. No issues with slow and labourious processes, that’s me & my hobby in a nutshell haha!

What I had in mind was a 28mm version of the Warmaster Kislevite war waggon as well as some chaos dwarf artillery.


What an ingenious do-it-yourself design. I think your idea and the implementation are really outstanding. And the painting is just as ingenious


Thankyou v much, using waste sprues is fun, intensive, but fun… we can build all sorts of constructs with them. Would be great to see others give it a go. Cheers


Here are the latest additions to the army of zodd. Ive got really keen on having a unit of beserkers in my army. These could be represented by a unit of mutants, macrocosm beserkers or semi naked types with coloured hair and beards. Out of these 3 potential units one of them could also represent the acolytes of hashut, id need to add a sorcerer or something to whichever unit becomes them.

The latest chaos dwarfs to get painted including macrocosm beserkers.

Really enjoying painting the clothes/robes white for some reason. Maybe it makes the beards stand out more

Some mutated halflings and another rank of ‘slave orcs’. can you spot the imposter? Haha


I just love your color scheme, it I so cool, unique and personal. :metal: Please keep going, I’m looking forward to the next models! :beer:


Cheers zanko, much appreciated! Its all about exploring the lesser explored areas of the chaos dwarf list and finding unexpected proxy ideas to cover everything to keep us going until the old worlde chaos dwarf book comes out in the year 2525!


The short one, with the fake beasty mask, 5th from the left?

Im thinking you mean 4th from the left? The std bearer. Its a macrocosm std bearer with a banner top change. The blue grey is a standard macrocosm cd with no changes


I went straight to the picture immediately about the “Can you see the Imposter” quote.
So the short one is obviously a dwarf in disguise

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Haha that wasn’t the intended imposter but oh well!

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My centaurs. Pleased how the converted one came out.

My whirlwind. I printed it and converted a centaur from atom taylors cd torso and a bm bargains plastic toy. Had to paint on textures to make it look better. Think i got away with it


This idea started due to me watching kenobi and seeing darth vader fight ben, brilliant!

So i did a version of darth with some lighting effects with a magic hammer. He was meant to be a hero but then a unit of larger centaurs (bears ) seemed cool to me


Great troop! The idea with the bear riders is super coherent and fitting to your army. The paintjob is awesome as always. :metal:

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We all knew instantly this was your entry, everything was screaming YOU! such quality! Those vibrant colours!
How you mixed different parts is really well executed, and i love how you made the whirlwind!

Is it that one from cults3d or an original one? Sooooo good!