3D Printing Files For Sale of Interest for Chaos Dwarfs

And yeah, it’s the same guy.

I’m tempted, just need to find someone willing to help me print it. I need a fleet of them.

There’s two Whirlwinds on cults3d, this is the guy that made the one that’s most accurate to the original. He also made the free juggernaut turret side. Its a bit of a shame that it’s in fewer parts than the original so it’s not really usable for spares, but the measurements I gave him were very basic so probably wouldn’t fit perfectly anyway. Still, it’s awesome having a new juggernaut model that’s to scale with the original. It would be cool if he made a shield pack for the turret sides as well.

Here’s his whirlwind, even comes with extras:


I printed that- really delicate! Needs the blades and chains to be thickened


I think id like the juggernaut to be 10- 15% bigger maybe…

Guess i better buy it too


That looks great, I never would have noticed that it wasn’t the original. I think the main thing that gives it away is the perfectly round wheels haha. I guess it can always be scaled up in whatever printing software is being used. I’m going to pick up this and the juggernaut and find someone to print them for me.

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I’m not sure you are doing him a favour by spreading around that there might be scans of GW originals involved. ^^

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Those are clearly vintage evil dwarfs, besides, if games workshop was interested in making money off of them, they can print them and sell them

He has files for like the other models and I just think it’ll be so weird to hold one of the classic metal pieces as plastic

@wreckedhopes scans are not allowed on this forum, please read the Forum Rules.

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Guess ill be buying this one too after the juggernaut and the whirlwind. This one looks less fragile




Gordon did a great job on that one for sure!

Some slave units:

Didn’t notice these here


Wierd ork tank which could be easily converted to chorf machine, like change of wheels and orkz to chorfs.

Could be used for artillery project maybe…?

This one has good bits for vehicles, pipes, gogs etc.

Airship, also this maker has some scifi robots which might have useful parts for certain chorf builds like if you want to have more robotic K’daii etc


Medbury Miniatures (never heard of them) did some dwarfs.

With mesapotamian beards.

And eastern accessories.

And bull symbols on their shields.

Just as a coincidence. They still wear Viking helmets, after all.



(Apparently a patreon from them, haven’t looked where they are selling the minis separately.)


Pretty damn great, this is exactly my jam. Thanks for sharing. Do these creators also sell the STLs afterwards individually or this is a FOMO kind of thing? Sorry if this sounds stupid, never backed anything like this.

Concerning the helmets. I wouldn’t say that they are viking helmets: there are definitely some Byzantine or Central / south Asian aesthetics in there.

Yes, I took “viking” from the text, because the helmets are the one thing that doesn’t just say “alternative chaos dwarfs for Warhammer”. ^^

And no idea about their production strategy. For finding out, I’d search for their other KS’ (if there are more) and whether and how soon the backed minis are sold elsewhere.

I was looking for something entirely different (Chinese undead) and found these bull centaurs in the depths of MMF: