[Archive] Clam's Garage (WIP Chaos Dwarf Grenadier)


The war machines are great. The death rocket looks like a lot of work, I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to build something like that out of plasticard.


Not really an update :slight_smile:

Just to let you all know that I have been working on my projekt. I have made a new hero fig, with a huge staff in his hand, standing on a finished base - and most of all - all painted :slight_smile:

And here we go …

Oh! no - can’t really show you :hat

But it’s official now - I have entered GH V


Damn you Clam! Don’t do that. get some pics got us!


GH V Update

So now that it’s official who made which models - I will post my first painted Scratch Build Chaos Dwarf in here too.

But first the classic WIPs:

And then some in full colours :slight_smile:

Not much to say really - but I’m quite pleased with the colour scheme made from browns and greens. It turned out pretty much as pictured in my mind.

And the base … that was a hard nut - but with a little help from a tutorial (that I found on BrushThralls.com) I worked it out - I think! Want to try it out on a few other models now - to see if it really works.

And the banner itself … yes, that was the true challenge - as it should be in a “Painting a Banner” competitions - I guess! I knew instantly how to design it (after seeing the Slaanesh icon at the new SCM sprue) - but I really didn’t know what to put on it, but then I accidentally found that old piece of artwork - and choose to try out my first freehand painting ever. I’m sorry that it turned out that black - would have liked it in more brown tones. But after many painting hours - I didn’t have the courage re-painting it though :~ - so I’ll have to live with that.

So here he is - and that silver medal should really motivate me - to paint up some more models - now!

Kera foehunter:

thanks for the wip i like your figure and voted for it.did you use a marker on the banner or hand painted it??


the hand painted banner and rune of hashut is very very cool. i like his chaotic helmet too.

the highlighting on the beard makes it a bit too grey for me, but it does work with the overall tones of the piece in its entirety so i cant complain.


The freehand on the banner is brilliant - and, interestingly enough, it is partly the fact that it is so black (that is, starkly so) that I like it so much. So don’t be sorry for the way it turned out!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

This is one of the best paint jobs in the current Golden Hat. And a very unique colour scheme, totally different from the common red / black. Now you have been chosen by the community and commanded by your Patron God to continue work on your army and show more painted miniatures! :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or does the rune of Hashut point into the wrong direction? Now it says !tuhsaH :wink:


Thanks for the nice comments - and for the votes of course :slight_smile: So glad you liked it.

The banner drawing is painted with a mix of Formula P3 - Battlefield Brown and GW Chaos Black, and as said I would have liked it a bit more brown, as it has dried up a bit to dark IMO.

It’s painted with a very small brush - a Winsor & Newton Cotman 0000. Only a few hairs one this brush - and a very small amount of paint added. I hate painting with it, as the paints dries up so fast on brush itself, but I like the results.

This is one of the best paint jobs in the current Golden Hat.

Ishkur Cinderhat
Coming form you - one of the best brush masters here at CDO - is such a compliment - and should indeed motivate me to do more - thank you very much!
Is it just me, or does the rune of Hashut point into the wrong direction?

Ishkur Cinderhat

No, it’s not just you. I noticed it, when I was painting it - but didn’t wanted to start all over - those rivets are a pain in the … (they are made from .025" plastic rod - and for every 100 I cut - 10 finds it way to the model itself :D). But then again - the BSB should be up in the front line - so to all the warriors - with a lack of faith - it would be Hashut after all:P


And then I have to show this one of - sorry, don’t want to brag :slight_smile:

Know that it doesn’t belong here in this blog - but I have to share this with you guys, who will understand the enthusiasm (as my wife to be - don’t :().

My newly bought Mage showed up a few days ago - and he is now striped:

Here he is:

- now I have to find a way to do him justice!


cant wait to see what you do with it! wish my version looked as cool as the proper one (grumbles)

0000 brushes arent that bad, i have a vallejo one i find it is ok for free hand.

as far as rivets are concerned, have you tried using putty to make them, put on a tiny tiny tiny blob and then flatten the edges down leaving only a circle shape in the middle. Ive also head putting a tiny blob on then when its dried a bit pushing the end of a mechanical pencil also works.

Kera foehunter:

wow i under stand thats cool !!!  i havn’t went back to get any of those old cd  prices are too high for me.



So sorry I am - for keep you all waiting :~

But I really don’t have time for my project at the time!


- I did a stupid thing :slight_smile:

Which is?

- I asked my girlfriend (known her for 14 years) the big question the 2nd December 2007 - hoping for a small private wedding just the 2 of us. BIG mistake - don’t you ever do that.

I’m now caught up in a huge party - and my wife to be is blocking the door to my tresure hole - constantly :(  

Every time I just look at the door - she falls on me with questions about anything related to the upcomming event. Things I don’t even have an opinion about - like flowers, serviettes, menu, seating plans and  …

But tomorrow it’s all over. So I’m getting married tomorrow - the 10th of May - and then I can - hopefully - get on with my life - and perhaps finish 20 af these :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

congrads yea!!! great hobgoblins too

so clam i wish you the best Kera gives clam a hug to (the single guy) for the last time

Knight Of Awsome:

Congrats, they look fantastic! and great for hobbgoblins!


But tomorrow it's all over.
It will be just the begining !..

Congratulations and cheers ! :cheers

PS, your hobgoblins are very nice.


hobbos look really cool

good luck for today :cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

These are brilliant! Based on Skaven plague monks, I suppose? That’s a very nice take on our favourite greenskin serfs!

And congrats to your marriage. May your new master treat you with the same benevolence as Hashut did. :wink:


Update 08-15-2008

So sorry �?" I keep trying … , but my day just don�?Tt seem to have hours enough

I�?Tm well over the wedding (Thanks guys and girls), the holiday in Spain, euro2008 and a lot of other things´- and I feel that now is the time to begin working on my army - again.

I felt a need to kick start this, so I have started working on a Earthshaker �?" you can follow this project in my WIP-thread: 'Building me an Earthshaker I am�?T in the conversions forums �?" so I won�?Tt talk about it here.

I have put my CD warriors on standby �?" as I�?Tm thinking very hard about casting these in resin �?" but finding the materials at a fair price (It will cost me a Marauder Mage �?" for shipping 2-3kg of silicon and resin to where I am), but I might have found what I am looking for.

However, this summer I�?Tve started another �?~core�?T project of mine. I showed you the prototypes but here they are in all there greys and greens:

The Hobgoblins, 19 out of 24 - with hand weapon and shield

They still need a lot of work �?" especially their pixy hats (Bulk work :sick)

As said before, I�?Tm very pleased with the result �?" and I�?Tm especially fond of the way that the command group turned out. So I�?Tll give you some close ups �?" hope you like them as I do.

Big Boss


Standard Bearer

Actually, I�?Tm so happy with the concept, that I have bought another Plague Monks box set and an additional 10 Plague Monk Bodies.

These are going to be armed with this:

So here is where the army stands right now (I really hope that seeing all these naked bases will motivate me to continue on).

And now to something completly different:

Don�?Tt want to brag or anything �?" and I know these acutally don�?Tt belong in here (this �?~blog�?T) at all �?" but �?~This_is_my_boomstick�?T made me a very, very happy man (as showed in my �?owant thread�?�) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I finally got the last Marauder MM90 Chaos Dwarf (the MM90/2a) �?" this is a huge milestone in my Collecting Quest. So I have to share with somebody - and there is no better place - so here they are :smiley:

Think they will be �?~Painting Marathon exclusives�?T :hat off

- Clam


Ah, so cool you’ve now have them all! I still need three so I’m quite jealous! :hat off