[Archive] Golden Hat #3 - Painting Competition!

The Flying Beaver:

By popular demand, the CDO Staff are pleased to announce our third [[Golden Hat]] Painting Contest. This time, our theme will be Hobgoblin Heroes! We don’t care how you do it, but we want you to make a hobgoblin who clearly is sneakier, crueler, tougher, and more cunning than your average git. We also want you to have it converted, painted, and posted on or before September 30th, 2007. Once the deadline has been reached, we will create a poll where members will be able to vote for their favourite, the winner being determined by who gets the most votes.

Don’t forget that the winner will receive the coveted Golden Hat Medal!

We look forward to seeing your entries. Get started!

Don’t know where to start? Hopefully these will inspire you a bit.


:)Yay, a reason to convert a model i never plan to use that i’ve been looking for for ages:)

thanks TBF:cheers

hehe, so you in an unconfirmed amount of time:hat off

Traitor King:


I have already got a Hoblin hero… the problem is… I my or mynot have stole…taken inspiration from one of Kytes HobGobs…

Ah well, its an excuse to maybe convert another…

The Flying Beaver:

If you send in your model first, then who’s the copycat? :idea Think like a hobgoblin!


Also remember, if ever you forget a date of something for CDO, check the Calendar. We log all our events in there. :slight_smile:


Is it okay to have an hobgoblin hero on wolf in this competition? if so, MAYBE i will do that:P


The banner would suggest, yes! :wink:

Traitor King:

Oooo on a wolf you say?

…must look for comentents…

luckily somebody watch Xanders lovely new videos today :wink:

Pyro Stick:

Well if i find a spare model that i can use then i will try and enter.


Would i be able to do one on a hobhound? Its an idea i have been pondering for a while…

The Flying Beaver:

Of course!


Is it just me? for me 6 weeks is often a to short time to do anything. You know all these other things… household, job, studies…

At least I’ll back home next month.


If you spent 10 minutes a day on something, that would be 7 hours of work in 6 weeks.

I think it’s pretty reasonable, and it’s comparable to our other competitions.


I’ll be making a whole chaos dwarf army, might as well make a hobgoblin hero! Nothing else to do with those friggin night goblins…

Lord Darkash:

Must… find… appropriate… model…


If you spent 10 minutes a day on something, that would be 7 hours of work in 6 weeks.

I think it's pretty reasonable, and it's comparable to our other competitions.

well yes.. when I find a free day I will do it. I'll start a new job soon but I have to prepare me for job interviews first.

I consider to use a battle masters goblin rider for a hobbo :-D I'm wondering if your (Xander) method works with these models


Battle Masters uses a very brittle plastic. It may be possible, but I wouldn’t think it would look very hero-like. The Wolves are excellent, however.

Traitor King:


Ive got a spare BFSP NG leader (the one with the squig)

Maybe I can actully try the Xander method for once!!!

The Slaver:

Im in. Got the bitz, got an idea, think i got then time. Only problem is i still dont have a good camera!!! ARGH!! i have almost 500 points of dwarfs done and painted and i cant show it off! the agony!

Lepreh Khan:

Now this one I can actually complete on time!!!