[Archive] Wanna help me in my Collecting the CDs Quest?



As some of you might already know, I�?Tm �?" like so many others �?" trying to get hold of all Chaos Dwarf miniatures produced by Citadel and Marauder Miniatures �?" mainly those from the 3rd ed./Marauder line. The collection is then to be used in addition whit my scratch build Zhurak Raiding Party �?" as Immortals, Warriors with GW and Berserkers.

I was a regular customer at eBay, but the supply is so limited at the moment �?" and the demand �?�… WOW! And those few auctions that actually hold my wants goes to other enthusiastic collectors like �?okathrynsamson�?� and �?oubertechie74�?� at prices that doesn�?Tt make it fun anymore :~

(Btw: I Know that Ubertechie has registered here @CDO �?" but does anyone know �?oKathryn�?�? �?" �?oshe�?� must have gathered quite a collection, and I would like to see some show offs)  

So I�?Tm forced to try out a different strategy - and see if there is someone in the Warhammer World that would help a desperate guy in his Warhammer Quest �?" so I�?Tll start here @CDO.

I have already collected quite a few �?" which you can see in my Photobucket galleries (before starting the paintjobs). You will find them here:

3rd editions


4th editions

As you can see I�?Tm like half way �?" but there is still so many beautiful miniatures out there that I would really, really like in the collection as well.

So what am I looking for? (My want list - updated 08-23-2008):

3rd ed.

Top 5 Most wanted 3rd’s

Other 3rd ed. wants

So if you wanne help me out - and would like to sell me some of these �?" please don�?Tt hesitate - send me a PM, so we can make out a deal. And if you would prefer �?" we could also trade with these/some of these Chaos Dwarf doubles I have.

P.S. I live in Denmark (that�?Ts in Europe if somebody shouldn�?Tt know :P) and I would prefer if payment could be arranged through Paypal.


Here is one.


Pyro Stick:

Heres one of the guys you need:



Hi Clam.

I use my partners ebay account ‘kathrynsamson’, she uses it for stuff for our son I use it for miniatures. With the chaos dwarves (my favourite all time miniatures, closely followed by all things Nurgle) I had large units of the early dwarves that were used with the 2nd edition warhammer. With a dreaded parents clean out of their house a large selection of miniatures got binned.:mad

As I’m now trying to downsize my miniature collection a lot of stuff get’s ebayed but I’m trying to rebuild my old army back to it’s former glory. Problem is that a lot of people have the same idea.

Trading looks a good way of making everybody happy rather than getting taken to the cleaners on auction sites, there’s one at the moment where I’m after the ‘big armed guy’ to be my battle standard bearer but it’s nearing £30.

I can help you with 7 of the miniatures your after and have seen a couple of your spares that I don’t have. Please get in touch.

SOS to anyone out there who has a spare big armed dude.



WOW! 4 Marauders, 3 3rd’s safe at my house and one on the way :slight_smile:

What a great week!

Never thought that this would be that succesful - but thanks to everyone how has help me out here. Thank you, Thank you!

P.S.: And my wants are now updated - so if there’s still someone out there - still don’t hesitate :slight_smile:


Never thought that this would be that succesful - but thanks to everyone how has help me out here. Thank you, Thank you!

Never mind dude. That's why we are.


These 3 have found their way to my collection:


And also Flamebard and Axehead One-Eye is on it’s way :slight_smile:

I can really see the end of this Quest - now! - but I still need your help :hat off Would really, really like to get my hands on those last 5 Marauders - and the 3 “top 5” 3rd’s.

Btw: I have updated the doubles with a few more (some Renegades again).


Hi clam,

I’ve founded (again) some guys on ebay (maybe that helps)

Some guys (they are chaos warriors…)


Renegade 1

Renegade 2

Renegade3CD Citadel 1

Bazooka Crew(I think so)

Swivel Gun

Master of Madness

I hope, I could help.



U2 sings Faraway, so close (Stay), but I feel more like “So close, faraway” :frowning:

But with help from Sharkboy, Graeme and eBay these 2 GW 3rd’s and a Marauder has found it’s way to my collection:

I really had hoped that I would have got the lot with Finehorn  in Sundays auction at eBay (I really want this guy badly) - but £25,75 wasn’t enough :mad - so still have to search for that little fellar.

And then I got this one (also from Graeme):

- haven’t really noticed this hellcannon crew looking Klagg Morgrief-Chaos Dwarf before (@TwistedTales.com - perhaps as it ain’t one of Sjoerd Trouwee’s) - but he will fit in with the 3 original crew members nicely.

As you can see - I still need some help, so if you have some of my wants or see some of them - please say so :hat off

And yes I DO know that the Marauder Crossbow is for sale :slight_smile:


Finally :slight_smile:

Some might know that I had the winning bid on the eBay lot with 6 Marauders including the crossbow a few weeks back. I was ripped off but a very happy man - Yes!  

But he didn’t arrive? G! - I was worried. Couldn’t get hold of the seller - so I didn’t know what was happening. But yesterday the postman brought me this :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

He is in perfect condition - not a single sign of paint or glue - but aged - so I don’t think it’s a recast.

The lot also held another of my favorites (and wanted) Marauder MM90s - the skullfaced Dwarf:

And then I was lucky in another auction this week. I won 3 Marauders at ‘only’ £8,45. So I got a 3rd wanted Marauder - this one:

So I just need one single Marauder :frowning:

And then I have trade a 3rd ed crossbow man for Pig Splatter (with ‘aki’) - so this Khazek Doomlord variant:

has also found it’s way - thanks ‘aki’

Still hoping for some help with those last ones - so I’ve updated my wants now.


So … :slight_smile:

[align=center][size=xx-large]WANTED - NO MORE :D[/size]

Dead or alive



$$$ or he could be traded for any one of these Marauder doubles:


Pyro Stick:

ooooooooo you have three of my wants in your doubles. Great work on getting the crossbowman. I cant wait to see how you paint him as he is an interesting model to paint and hard to get looking good.


By courtesy of ‘This_is_my_boomstick’ I’ve finally completed the Marauder collection :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: - thank you very, very much.


last MM90 dwarf has joined in.

Now is the time for a paint Quest :smiley:


Congrats that is a nice accomplishment.

Ghrask Dragh:

Yes, congratulations (feels good doesn’t it :D) can’t wait to see them painted!!



Thanks - and yes, it does feel good - such a long and ‘lonely’ journey - but now it’s all over :smiley:

I think they should be painting Marathons exclusives - don’t you?

Pyro Stick:

Nice!!! You beat me to it lol. Well Done. Now you HAVE to take part in the painting marathon. Now,if you have any doubles of my wants then please let me buy them!!

Ghrask Dragh:

My marauders are sitting patiently waiting for the next marathon :smiley: the question is can you hold off painting them untill the next one, tbh I’m struggling :rolleyes:

Pyro Stick:

I think they should be painting Marathons exclusives - don't you?

My marauders are sitting patiently waiting for the next marathon :D the question is can you hold off painting them untill the next one, tbh I'm struggling :rolleyes:

Ghrask Dragh
If you both want to have a painting marathon then us three could have one on the 23rd/24th?


A Marauder Painting Marathon on the 23rd (late night) - could work for me - I’ll have to base them and prime them, but that could be done:) 24th is my birthday, so it won’t be popular spending it on a marathon (like Wallacer did :))