Bas tries to paint a lot of stuff! [BATG 2022]

Weird month for me. First some work deadlines where I got to make some dioramas for a local kids exhibition about the 17th century:

And then there was another Star Wars Legion painting challenge, so I painted up a bunch of Clone Troopers!

So a nice pile of models painted, but then I got this in the mail…

Which makes my numbers for this month:

Bought and added to the pile: 202 (+54)
Printed and added to the pile: 2

Painted models: 142 (+14)
Painted scenery: 42

Current Score: 20 (+40)


Great work, but that diorama is a bit odd… In the same league as some of @Admiral s creations.


Those vintage nids from ages ago look really great. You don’t see many people dusting off that era of tyranid, which is a shame, because they are peak 90s aesthetic


Man your star wars stuff is really cool! Makes my paintbrush hand quiver!

I don’t need star wars models… I don’t need star wars models…


Or do you? Check out all the cool models that are available… Feel the plastic flowing through you… ;p

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Must Resist GIFs | Tenor

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