Bessron's small steps to a Chaos Dwarf Army

Hello everyone,

I ended up here because of an invitation and I gladly accepted it.

I have to admit that English is neither my mother tongue nor that I speak or write it particularly well. So please feel free to improve me, I would like to learn it on the side.

I love the old Warhammer Fantasy and at some point I got it into my head to build an army that not everywhere can be found.

Furthermore, I have to admit that the good old Chaos dwarfs from GW have a certain charm, but are not exactly what I imagined. And yes, the daughter of the top dog is a bit … expensive.

When Lost Kingdom Miniatures started an Indigogo campaign a few years ago with their version of Chaos Dwarfs they exactly met my taste. I participated with a rather big pledge. The campaign went well, the miniatures arrived promptly and then I put them storage…

I think it took me almost four years to remove the dust and slowly start to paint the poor guys. By sharing my progress in painting I hope to keep my motivation up to finish the army. It is not about the perfect and tournament-optimized army, but a nice themed army with as many selections of Chaos dwarves as available.

Please send me your thoughts, suggestions and constructive criticism. So here are my first painted of these dwarfs.



And now, the latest Models on my painting tablet. They are still wip


Welcome to cdo!
Lovely blue colour scheme on your warriors. They look great!
Keep up the good work


Welcome aboard!
What a cool scheme for these guys, straight away makes me think Sons of Horus which is my fav chapter scheme and I’m always looking for a way to get it on things. It suits the Lost Kingdom lads perfectly


Welcome man! I saw your blue bull centaur on Instagram!
Glad you joined the crew! This blue firts them very well, wouldn’t have guessed!!


Welcome to the forum. Beautifully painted models, looking forward to seeing more.


Welcome! You’ll find many LK miniature fans here as well as lovers of the old big hat range. Truly outstanding work! Such a striking colour scheme. The details too! Look at their eyes! Amazing - well done

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I’ve seen it on Instagram, Amazing clor scheme, very unique and original yet effective.

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Glad you decided to join us and share them here! Beautiful army!


Thank you for your kind words.

I am very happy that you like my color scheme. It was once an attempt, because I actually prefer green and brown tones, or muted colors.

Seen in this way, it is a complete success and I will often use gaudy colors

right now, I’m sitting at the Earthshaker cannon, the base is being printed by the 3d-printer …

The color scheme is quite easy to do, I paint on the black primer Turquoise (Vallejo), I then lighten it with Elemental Bolt (ArmyPainter) and then paint the second layer.

a layer of pure Elemental Bolt, then I lighten it with an off-white and just dab the well-thinned on, or use it to make the few edge accents.

I always work according to what I think and less according to fixed rules, I also measure a little more Turkies from time to time or know something about it


So, today’s work, now it goes to the base


I like your unique colour scheme, it’s great both in concept and execution. The Earthshaker is my favourite so far, especially the freehand work on the banner!

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Hello Alexander!
It’s nice that you’ve left TTW and come here to what I think is the best forum in the world. :wink: It is always a feast for the eyes to see your models. :beer: I am looking forward to many more great painted miniatures, especially the models of Lost Kingdom Miniatures, which are clearly underrepresented here! :cd1980:


Thank you Zanko and as well Antenor

I’m incredibly happy about the invitation and how my minis are accepted.

I will continue to write in the TTW, but I think I’ll have a lot of fun here and receive a lot of motivation so it could be a new home .

On the subject of motivation, I just got more supplies. A good friend left them to me


Blessed is he who has such friends! :beer: Could be because none of my boys play table top / collect miniatures … :thinking:


you are in a sad situation :pensive:,

And yes, I´m blessed in this case. :beer:

I got them really cheap. The only requirement is that I don’t turn them into money. I can swap double minis, nothing more. He is a very good friend.

Really noneof your friends play wargames?


Unfortunately none! But I don’t want to complain, because I have a solid role-playing group again (even if Corona has slowed us down a bit) and together we always play really cool board games. Only as far as TT and the miniatures are concerned, I’m on my own. However, I have already played SAGA-Age of Magic several times with the young Padavan (my son), so hopefully I can motivate him to play again during my upcoming vacation! :smiley:


Hello everyone,

I hope nobody cares if I put more Wip pictures in

Your words have motivated me extremely and as long as the 3D printer prints the large base for the Earthshaker, I continued to paint the two boys