CDO Meetup 2022 - Gaming Thread

Good on ya Bolg! Are you local to the venue mate?


According to the member map it’s 1 to 2 hours. Would be good to have you @Bolg, even if it’s just a 1 day visit.

Let me know if you want me to add you to the list!

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Where will you guys be meeting? If it’s not too far it would be fun to show up and meet some of you guys in person :slight_smile:



Scrolled trough the entire topic 2x… missed the Venue. Based in Utrecht (NL) have access to a car (and can carpool with Bas_2312.

Long time since I played 8th edition, found memories. Think I never played the CD list thats used for the tournament (mostly used the ravening hordes list).

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@Bolg and @bas_2312 its in Stramproy (Limburg). Its about 1.5 hrs for you guys.

This info is in the main thread btw CDO meetup 2022


What are the thoughts of the group on how large a Bull Centaur Render or Bull Centaur Taur’ruk should be?

8th doesn’t have “regular” bull centaur cavalry base sized option.

So, if anyone brings a Render or a Taur’ruk, we expect them to be Forge World Big right?

I’d say it doesn’t matter for the model itself, just the base should be right.

Sure, ideally the model would be a little larger than the old GW Bull Centaurs, but yeah, who cares.

I also made a suggestion for including small Bull Centaurs in the WAP 8th army list.

Yes, what @Jasko said. Model size Is somewhat irrelevant as long as they’re on the correct base.

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Yeah just whack it on a 50x75 and you’re golden, really.

Though WAP base sizes are a constant headache. RAW you can quite happily stick a dragon in a 40x40 in WAP, just because the system is written not to preclude the use of older models. Unscrupulous gamey types can really take advantage of that kind of thing, but I trust that everyone will be playing in the right spirit, so it won’t be a problem.

Fits with the one I’m usually using (El_Rey’s_base_size_chart)

Admin perks for the win → 203867920-Warhammer-base-size-chart-2013-pdf.pdf (100.5 KB)

I use this one


Yeah that’s the one I use.

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Let’s unify around this one for the upcoming standardised rules release. I’ll delete the one i posted


Yeah, makes sense.

How is it looking on the gaming front? Is everyone bringing at least one army? Are we in agreement on our custom WAP FAQ & Errata? Any other house rules we want to have?

Do we set up some kind of tournament? Maybe a round-robin followed by some kind of playoffs? How many games will/can be played in parallel?


All good questions. No anawers from me, but a good narrative would be fun!

Do we want to play a siege? Maybe too much variation?

Im bringing 2 armies.

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Yeah a good narrative would be awesome!

So I wouldn’t mind a siege (which rules? The one from Blood in the Badlands?), they are fun. Maybe as some kind of special event / grand finale?

So what I would find great is a round robin tournament, so everybody plays once against everybody else. (The one’s bringing multiple armies play only with one obviously). Depending on how many we are, the two/four best placed players could then play (semi)finals. Those games alone should keep us busy for a while :sweat_smile: would be great if we could play two games in parallel. I’ll bring a table. Additionally it would be just awesome to have a giant game with alliances, where we all play together. That could be a possibility for a siege, imho. On top there could/should be room for friendly matches (where we could use other armies) and/or small games like Blood Bowl, AoS, Kill Team, Necromunda and of course the Warlords of Erewon demo-game with Oxy :wink:

I usually play 6th ed aiwgw rules with house rules i can supply.

I am bringing 1 gaming surfaces, hoping there is at least 1 tBle we can use.

Biggest problem with a big siege is i dont have a big castle :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I can bring the Warhammer fortress

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