CDO Meetup 2022 - Gaming Thread

Hi everyone -

In line with the organisation thread we are running at the below link for people who want to attend our Northern Europe meetup in April 2022…

…I wanted to start a separate thread to discuss games we can play in April so we can organise listbuilding, painting and most important of all - miniatures transportation.

Tagging interested folks:

  1. @Jasko
  2. @MichaelX
  3. @Oxymandias
  4. @Habitual_Lurker
  5. @Antenor
  6. @Anzu
  7. @GhraskDragh
  8. me obviously
  9. some dude michael knows - michael i refuse to believe this isn’t henry cavill

Can we start by everyone clicking the link below and voting to rank the game systems in order of preference?

Vote here!


Good idea!
So I clicked some stuff I’ve never played but would be interested to learn.
Plus I would love to play some Blood Bowl :slight_smile:


I voted on preferred systems, but I’m open to every system that support my armies.


I’ll add blood bowl now! you should be able to add it to your vote


Thanks mate! So I’ve already voted and don’t want to distort the results :wink:
But I think it’s fine. So seeing that space and time is limited at our weekend, I guess we have to decide on one main game, agreed? Do a round robin or something and get some games in. I could see smaller games like Blood Bowl, Warcry, Warhammer Underworlds, Mortheim (or the futuristic equivalents) happening around it. So I’d say it’s totally fine if we vote on one “big game” and have the rest just around it.

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Done. I bet you make a graph out of this Chitz haha


Very late afterthought but you said WAP version of 8th.

I assumed you meant vanilla 8th with wap chaos dwarf book.

Did you mean actual WAP 8th edition core rules?

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Ok, done.

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WAP doesn’t have an 8th Ed Core rulebook does it? They have their own 9th Core rulebook, but not 8th last I checked. :thinking:

I think @Lord_of_Uzkulak we mean playing 8th Ed using the WAP 8th Ed army book :slight_smile:

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I think this sends a pretty clear message:

A “main game” of WAP

Mordheim around the edges

And an erehwon demo/teaching session!!

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Warhammer fantasy is definitely coming out on top.

Don’t try to get out of it that easily sensei

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This was what I meant

I know; was just querying Michael’s question of if you were on about 8th core rules with WAP army book or WAP 8th core rules with WAP army book. :wink:

Ok, so whfb 8th rules with wap army book, mordheim and maybe bloodbowl and a sesh of erehwon?


Interesting, I’m intrigued but I’ve never played 8th ed (or WAP for that matter). Is it absolutely essential to have these giant centrepiece models for a fun casual game? Originally thought about bringing tomb kings but I don’t own any of the models that have been added in 8th ed, so I might need to shelve these plans in favour of an empire/Kislev army.

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No, not needed I think.

What system do you play?

I haven’t played in a long time but I’ve been generally approaching my armies with 6th/7th ed WHFB in mind. That being said: I’m fine with whatever system you guys choose in the end, I can adapt. I have several half-assembled armies, all I need is a little push in the form of an impending deadline. :wink:

The next thing we need to do is determine points and think about how the game(s) would work in terms of a board etc.

I’ll put out a new survey relatively soon to look at how many minis people feel they can safely transport. Then we can work backwards from that to think about the game(s).

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