CDO meetup 2022 - Logistical Thread

@Jasko, @Oxymandias, @Habitual_Lurker, @Anzu, @GhraskDragh, @chitzkoi, @Bessron, @Sjoerdo and all others still interested…

I figured it would be usefull to have a logistical thread where we can talk about who brings what to the CDO meetup 2022

I will make some sections in this post where i will keep track of everything.

I’ll also post my armies (painted) models so you guys can take them into account when building lists as discussed in the Gaming Thread.


Michael's game tables (180cm x 122cm or roughly 6'x4')

Grassy field with road
Town center with roads

Each table is a single piece of 18mm thick MDD, not foldable

Jasko's game tables

6’x4’ foldable table
6’x4’ foldable table with dent (maybe)

Michael's Terrain

River (segmented)
Forest (jungle)
Forrest (pine)
Forrest (deciduous)
Ruins(cathedral and farm)
Rocks and scatter (well, gallows, treasures,…)
LM temples (4 sizes)
Castle (plastic siege castle)
Chaos god shrines (4 major gods and undivided, Should make a hashut one)


Michael's Lizardmen
Model Count
Astrolith bearer 1
Chakax 1
Chameleon Skinks 3
Chameleon Skinks (conversions) 12
Gor Rok 1
Jungle Swarm 6
Kroxigor 6
Lord Kroak 1
Oxyotl 1
Ripperdactl Riders 3
Salamander hunting Pack 4
Salamander hunting Pack (Old Model) 1
Saurus Cold One Riders 29
Saurus old Blood 2
Saurus Scar Veteran 2
Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaurus 1
Saurus Scar Veteran on Cold One 1
Saurus Warriors 98
Saurus Warriors (old Models) 29
Skink Chief 1
Skink priest 2
Skink priest with cloak of feathers 2
Skinks 85
Skinks (old Models) 43
Slann 3
Stegadon 3
Tehenhauin - Prophet of Sotek 1
Temple Guard 40
Terradon Riders 4
Tetto’Eko 1
Troglodon/Carnosaur 2
Michael's Chaos Dwarfs
Model Count
Bull Centaur Renders (Lost Kingdom Empires) 10
Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (Hero) (Lost Kingdom Empires) 1
Chaos Dwarf Warriors Pistols (Titan Forge) 37
Chaos Dwarf Warriors: HW + Shield (Lost Kingdom Empires) 40
Chaos Dwarf Warriors: HW + Shield (Lost Kingdom Empires) 100% 34
Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 2
Dreadquake Mortar 1
Giant (RavenTwin Miniatures) 1
Great Taurus 1
Hellcannon 3
Hobgoblin bow (Thingiverse) 41
Hobgoblin hero (MyMiniFactory) 1
Hobgoblin hw and shield (Thingiverse) 0
Hobgoblin spear and shield (Thingiverse) 36
Hobgoblin wolf riders (MyMiniFactory) 11
Infernal Guard (raven twin immortals) 0
Iron Daemon 1
K’Daai Destroyer (Archvillain Games - Vonindod) 2
K’Daai Fireborn (Archvillain Games - Salamander lords) 7
Lamasu (Lost Kinkgdom Empites) 1
Magma Cannon 1
Siege Giant (Archvillain Games) 1
Sorcerer-Prophet 1
Standard Bearer 1
Michael's Beastmen (ONLY if someone reaaaaaaly want's beastmen...)
Model Count
Chaos Giant 1
Cygor 1
DoomBull (Metaal) 1
Ghortor the beastlord on Tuskgor Chariot (Metaal) 1
Great Bray Shaman 1
BeastLord BSB 1
Bray Shaman (Metaal) 2
Tuskgor Chariot (Metaal) 2
Bestigor (Metaal) 3
Minotaur 3
BeastLord 3
Centigor (Metaal) 4
Minotaur (Metaal) 6
Bestigor 10
Ungor Raiders 10
Ungors (Metaal) 20
Gors (2 wapens) 24
Gors (Wapen en schild) 25

Jasko’s 1500pts Chaos Dwarfs
Jasko’s 1500pts High Elfs
A third 1500pts army (Night Goblins, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarfs) (MAYBE)


Michael's other stuff

Stuff i can bring if needed:
Plain old Table

Stuff i’ll bring for sure:
Food supplies, we should make a list of stuff to get. Im thinking we can get some stuff locally on friday, but if we BBQ im ordering meat in advance.
A Laptop and webcams for streaming the event

Jasko's Other stuff

finest German beer :slight_smile:
modular Rolling Fields tablescape tiles (currently - and with 99.99% certainty also in April - unpainted)

Feel free to add your stuff in comments below! I will add them to the first post for easy access!


This is ace! I’ll gladly add:

Stuff I bring for sure

  • 6’x4’ foldable table
  • Chaos Dwarf army 1500pts
  • High Elf army 1500pts
  • Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team

Stuff I can/could/maybe bring

  • modular Rolling Fields tablescape tiles (currently - and with 99.99% certainty also in April - unpainted)
  • Currently I have a second 6’x4’ foldable table with a huge dent, not sure if it will still be around in April
  • A third 1500pts army (Night Goblins, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarfs)
  • finest German beer :slight_smile:



One thing I have , that is easy to transport is an old school cloth style 6x4 grass green gaming mat. Not the vinyl kind so can be folded much smaller.

Pic below. Lemme know if required.

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I have these DIY boards


Alright, so I guess we already have some gaming supplies nailed down. Everyone brings at least one army, right? Michael listed already lots of terrain, so I guess we should be quite good there.

Maybe we should start focus on the rest of the logistics - mainly food and drinks. We have three full days to cover for six (?) people. And we all know how hungry wargaming makes! :wink:

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As stated in the main thread, transport isn’t as much of an issue as before, at least on my end.

I can still bring all the stuff i said.

We also need food, drinks and snacks for all of us for the weekend.

Im picking up the brits around 2 p.m. iirc, meaning with delays, getting them and their stuff in my car and driving there were looking at 2hrs or so. Well be there right on time to check in im assuming.

We could unload the car and trailer and go food shopping friday evening in a local store (they are open until 8 p.m. or so) OR we can compile a list and order online ao we only need ro pick it up in the store and pay.

Do we want to make cash pool beforehand or one of us pays and the rest pay him back?

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Ill also bring a laptop with webcam and microphone so we can hopefully stream on twitch a bit. I already made a twitch account for those who cant make it.


So I’ll be coming by car and have definitely lots of room. So either I could join you guys at the airport and help with the Brits, or I could go shopping / pick up the supplies.
I’d say it would be best if we continue to use splitwise for all expenses, it’s just so convenient, especially with the Brits and their lack of Euros :wink:

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Oh sure, splitwise is a must imo. I propose we preorder the food and pick it up on the day itself. That way we know we have, what else we need and what it would cost.

Yeah, seems more logical for us to pay for the brits and let paypal figure out the transaction costs.

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I suggest ordering here → Link
But as im the only Dutch speaking person and the site is Dutch only… it’s a bit annoying.

I google translated it via this link → Translated link

We make a shoppinglist on that site, choose a pickup date and time slot and on said day go to the store, pay for the groceries and load it in the car. They put it all in crates and bags for us.

Takes about 10/15 minutes. There’s even a store near the cabin (about 5km)
Dr. Schaepmanstraat 3