Chaos Dwarf Radio The Brazen Broadcast #4.5 Golden Hat XXXVII

Welcome to the 4.5 special episode of Chaos Dwarf Radio. Oxymandias, Chitzkoi, MichaelX and Reaver talk about all the exquisite hobgoblin golden hat entries!

Beat your Hobgoblin slave into submission, throw a few Daemons on the fire, down tools and join us as we talk all things Chaos Dwarf!

Goldenhat winners thread

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Listening now and thanks for the kind words on my entry


These are such a great part of our community, awesome work you guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Finally had a chance to listen to this in work

Another fantastic episode to go alongside a fantastic comp, great job guys it was a lovely listen

Thank you so much for the kind words too


Great listen, was a perfect companion for my last BATG painting session.

When was this recorded though?

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Some time ago, this one got caught through the holiday season, and due to the number of entries was recorded in two separate sessions. Now that we have editors hopefully we can reel in the release schedule.


Lovely, great work as ever lads! Many good laughs and good points were made. @Zanko & @Fuggit_Khan et all, check this out for some deserved praise.

And thank you @Oxymandias for underlining the central role of the forum in the CDO network. Once again, thanks to @MichaelX for carrying over the old forum as an archive to the new, and good of you all to lift it forth in the broadcast.

Sterling work as ever, crew! :beer:

…and for some reason the troll within me now wish to see a BB walkthrough of Eisenhans’ rat orgy barge once he resumes painting it in the distant future, and finishes it for good, complete with base and beast to carry it aloft. It’s not Chaos Dwarf, and it might end up banned from Youtube, but my inner joker want it now. :tongue:

Anyhow, I’ve promised to notify my little brother right away once you do a Brazen Broadcast of the ongoing Golden Hat’s entries. Whistles innocently.


Finally got round to stating to listen to this. Excellent work as always guys, a new Brazen Broadcast is always a highlight and the one thing that motivates me to actually pick up my paintbrush more than anything else.
Thank you for putting in all the work on these, and thanks for saying such lovely things about my entry. For the record, they’re Fenrisian wolves :wink:


Since my English skills are not the best, especially when it comes to understanding the spoken word, I unfortunately do not understand all the content of the podcast. But what I did understand is very cool and interesting. So I’m already looking forward to the next Brazen Broadcast!


Nice that this is on YouTube (I’m not a Spotify follower)…and quite the enjoyable listen. Very interesting to listen to all the comments on the various details of the entries, some of which I had completely missed despite what I had thought was a thorough examination on my part. And thanks for the kind words on my entry…you gentlemen were chivalrous enough to give a note to my loathsome disgust of the GW hobgrots, without actually saying it :wink:
Cheers to an excellent podcast, looking forward to more


They all are!

It’s great as we love to talk about the hobby and you guys seem to enjoy listening to it :wink:


Finally got a chance to listen to this all the way through. Good stuff as always. I was hoping you would continue the GH contest breakdown broadcast, but feared you had not had time to do one for this last one. Great to see this continue, and great to get more insight into the entries. Many things I did not notice or realize on my looks at the entries at the time of the contest. Great Job, gentlemen!