Golden Hat XXXVII - Winners!

“Stab 'em!”

Warcolours Presents: The winners of the 37th Golden Hat competition!

We had a stellar turnout of entries, with submissions spanning from mammoth riders and blood sacrifices to wolf raiders. Voting was even below gold. It was gladdening to see all these weird and wonderful Hobgoblin creations!

And the winners are:





1st Place - Golden Hat Winner: Entry #2 - @Loidrial
2nd Place - Silver Hat Winner: Entry #11 - @Fuggit_Khan
3rd Place Tie - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #1 - @Bessron
3rd Place Tie - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #14 - @Jackswift

And an honourable mention to @Freakshow668 , who trailed bronze with one vote.

The entry key!

01 - @Bessron
02 - @Loidrial
03 - @IronHaiden
04 - @Zanko
05 - @Freakshow668
06 - @MichaelX
07 - @Abecedar
08 - @GhraskDragh
09 - @Bassman
10 - @Hashoooot
11 - @Fuggit_Khan
12 - @Zoddtheimmortal
13 - @FrallaKhan
14 - @Jackswift
15 - @WillLiam
16 - @Goltor
17 - @Oxymandias

Medals will eventually come! Should you have earned a new Veteran’s Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan’s Contest competitions on both old and new CDO (note: Scribe’s Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have its own Veteran Scribe’s Medal).

And now for the prizes!

First off, @Loidrial and his malevolent ambushers will receive a €30 store coupon at Warcolours, courtesy of @warcolours :

For his ashen Hobgoblins, @Fuggit_Khan gets a kit of Hook Monster, sculpted and donated by @ATOM :

While @Bassman win the random draw prize of a kit of Tjubgob Command Set #1 from @Tjub and Admiralty Miniatures:

And finally @Hashoooot win the random draw prize of a kit of Big Hats of the Dark Bell Tower from @Fuggit_Khan :

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Warcolours, @ATOM and @Fuggit Khan for their generous prize donations!

And that’s it for this round of Golden Hat. Now let’s see the participants’ entries in the blogs. :wink:

Next up, Artisan’s Contest!

The Staff


Very very worthy winners, well done everyone and congrats guys!


Congrats all,

@Bessron, @Jackswift, your paintjobs were so beautiful.

@Loidrial, @Fuggit_Khan what a monster conversion effort!


Some absolutely beautiful work. Thanks again to everyone for making these contests so great.

And as I didn’t win, this is a close up (wip) of what you missed out on voting for…20210908 WiP Scared Slayer 2a

and I’m running out of slayers!


Well done to all the winners. I genuinely believe all of the entries would have won anywhere else. Love how high the standards are here.


I’m not being hyperbolic @Loidrial - but your entry might do well at Golden Demon or official GW store contests. Those contests are known to officially favour retail miniatures, and everyone loves a diorama!


@Loidrial well earnt my friend. Great entires all around


I just want to say: it’s about time! Screw you all! I won! Suckers! Ahahahahha

Joking aside, wtf I didn’t expect at all to be the winner, there are so many awesome entries to vote from!
2 of which ended up on the podium as well had my vote, @Fuggit_Khan we all knew those were your hobbos, that’s an amazing work you have done there!
You are getting way too relaxed in Pattaya! Some hurry is what made those 3 awesome conversion possible!

@Jackswift man, as I saw a confrontation miniature I went for the instant vote. What an incredible work and detail on that single model. Rackham was, and still is to me, way ahead of its time. What a heavy loss we had with their company shitting down by 1 bad decision…

@Bessron damn your entry had me munching my teeth because I didn’t know till the last second to vote for that one or Bassman! Congratulations!

But the real winner here is @Hashoooot with those hats!!! Everyone wanted them ahhahaha fantastic!

Also, you see @Oxymandias? This is how you win a GH, not putting it as entry in your own magazine before the votes hahahahah

I WON! YEEEEEEEEE runs naked around

He really didn’t expect to win


My compliments to all the entries, they are all amazing. Special compliments to @Loidrial @Fuggit_Khan @Bessron and @Jackswift well deserved prizes!

And finally, very happy to be back to this amazing competition after so many years :cd1991gif:


Hello all,

Congratulations to everyone, these were all brilliant entries.

Thank you for your votes for my entry. I am very pleased and surprised that my single figure had a chance at all with all the entries with the incredible units or mini-dioramas. I was there and successfully.

I want to participate again…


Congratulations to all the winners (and competitors)! What a fantastic turnout!

@Loidrial: I had decided not to enter but was almost drawn in because of the hats :wink:


Define ALMOST. That’s the real price here for me xD so cool ahhahahaha but I guess I’m on with just the 1 st price


Yeah, congratz again! You had my vote (and axe) :cd1991gif:

Well… almost as far as I saw @Fuggit_Khan entering them in the price pot and thought: “sh*t I want another set of those but I’m really pressed for time and I wasn’t supposed to enter this time and I don’t know with what can I enter a half finished model that has some old pictures on the forum oh crap I can’t because of time work and life in general” :sweat_smile: That kind of almost^^


Congratulations to everyone…
and with the utmost respect and admiration to the winners, I must confess that not a single one of my votes won.
Again, the winners are well deserved, and in no way am I trying to slight well deserved winners…but there were SO many great entries from all, and it was brutal to choose only three.
@IronHaiden , your entry was hands down my favorite, and the historical context of your entry was wonderful, because Hobgoblins are based on cultural influences from East Asia, which is where the history of war elephants started.
And so I want to donate my random prize “Hook Monster” to you @IronHaiden, you deserve something for such a great entry.
Finally, my sincere thanks to all who voted for my entry, and a bigger thanks to @Admiral for making my entry even possible, because he was kind enough to send me some hobgrots…which I thoroughly enjoyed cutting up the ugly little abominations.
Again, congratulations and thanks to all of you!


Thanks @Fuggit_Khan you are the best.


@Loidrial @Fuggit_Khan @Bessron and @Jackswift

Your hats have been awarded and your work will feature in the next zine. Congratulations again.

Anyone who is owed a veterans medal please let me know. Remember artisans and golden hats contribute to this medal.

Explained below:

The Veteren’s Medal is awarded to those who have participated in forum competitions. Competing in five contests (either Aristans and/or Golden Hat) makes one eligible for a Bronze Medal. Silver is rewarded upon entering 10 competitions and Gold for entering 15, Platinum for 20, Diamond for 25 and the highest of honour is the Blackshard medal for entering 30 competitions!


Jolly good show this time around. The steppe riders will one day pour out into the world again!


Did anyone else notice fuggits hobbos had 5 toes? The 4 toes, 5 fingers on the models does bother me a little (but not enough to change them). Glad you went the extra mile.

Congratulations to all the winners :trophy:
And to all the other contestants for getting their entries in on time.


Congrats to all! Winners deserved it well! So many great entries this time again! These competition motivate me so much, keep 'hem coming!!! :hatoff:


I’m glad that you noticed that I added a fifth toe to the hobgrots…yeah, it really bothers me that they have five fingers, but only four toes.
Lazy GW sculpting?
Anyways, a bit of green stuff fixed the problem

You’ve got a good eye!