Horace Embraces his Grey Destiny [BATG 2024]

I like stuff like this, it keeps me motivated to keep ploughing through the unpainted pile!

I only noticed this the other day shortly after acquiring a load of new stuff so maybe they should go in the “new pile”. I hopefully won’t be buying too much until after the summer when I might need to refresh my drawer of unpainted gubbins. In the meantime…

My current shame list is:

1 Shar’tor the Executioner
2 Chaos Dwarf Axemen
10 Bloodletters
6 Bloodcrushers
1 Skarbrand
1 Varghulf
2 Wraiths
2 Necromancers
1 Kairos
1 Lord of Change
1 Goblin Shaman
1 Frostheart Phoenix
1 Exalted Hero on Disc
1 Daemon Prince
1 Exalted Hero on Boobworm
3 Dwarf Thunderers
3 Dwarf Command
1 Dwarf Gyrocopter
1 Dwarf Grudgethrower
20 Savage Orcs
1 Exalted Seeker Chariot
1 Slaanesh Chariot
10 Daemonettes
5 Seekers
1 Burning Chariot
5 Wild Riders
10 Eternal Guard
16 Glade Riders
30 Glade Guard
1 SkullCannon
1 Soul Grinder
4 Drunk Dwarfs
1 Dwarf Adventurer
1 Dwarf Warrior
1 Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz

New additions in Jan

1 Herald Khorne Juggernaught
1 Herald Khorne
1 Herald Nurgle
1 Herald Slaanesh
5 Flesh hounds
1 Karanak
1 Kazyk
5 Plaguebearers
1 Orc Boar Chariot
1 Dreadstone Blight
1 Skaven Gnawholes

Last month I managed to paint 1 of my new additions, the Dreadstone Blight

Total :soon:172
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark:19
Painted :white_check_mark: 1
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: 18


Great list there! Welcome to the fray, loving the schools of magic floor tiles.

Only thing to note for the purposes of the monthly graphs we are tracking negative as models painted. Positive score is bad as that corresponds to adding to pile of grey.


Ah right I’ll switch it around!

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Oh, No disadvantage! you backlogged it all! good stuff!

Welcome to the madhouse, good luck with your progress

That is one of my favourite terrain pieces you’ve done a great job


Managed just the 1 model completely finished this month, but I’ve got quite a few nearly there. Just didn’t get the basing finished on a load of them.

I did get my Soul Grinder finished at least


Well I got 2 things chalked off this month. Quite a lot almost finished again.

I got my Skullcannon/throne finished but need to take a few better pictures

Also finished a bit of Chaos Dwarf esque scenery for a Darklands board a while back but couldn’t post it because I lobbed it into the painting competition.

Some Skaven Gnawholes gone lava pit. What are those wooden posts doing so close to lava you may ask… shh.

Total :soon: 169
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark: 19
Painted :white_check_mark: 4
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: 15


I really like those as lava, stunning stuff

Think I’m done for this month in terms of what I’ll finish, I managed 7 Bloodcrushers (well 6 + a Herald). Should hopefully get through some larger numbers “soon”

Total :soon: 162
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark: 19
Painted :white_check_mark: 11
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: 8


Nice looking bases! Khorne models really pop against that scheme. Well executed tuft scattering and using different grass types it looks like. Convincing randomized realism is an art by itself


Yes it’s a mix of a few different grass scatters then various tufts. I tend to use a mix of army painter and GW for my tufts.

I got a few things finished already this month!

Herald of Nurgle - quite a cool model, I enjoyed painting it

Plaguebearer unit fillers - no way I’m painting any more Plaguebearers to reach the core requirement at 2500… had to make a few fillers

Kazyk the Befouled - Difficult model to get good photos of! Lots of funny angles and different focal areas. Will see some use as we continue our Tamurkhan campaign!

Hopefully get another batch of stuff finished! (wishful thinking)

Total :soon: 155
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark: 19
Painted :white_check_mark: 18
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: 1


Thisbis great stuff mate!

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Lovely unit!

You wouldn’t by any chance have the “split chain” bit from those Bloodcrushers as left over bits? I’m in dire need for my chariot conversion. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got these bits left on the sprue, you’re welcome to any you fancy. Otherwise I suggest you grab any cheap neclace/bracelet (like the remnants of the one you can see next to the sprue), cut it up and superglue it.

It’s what I used for chains on my Slave Ogres


Lovely slave ogres.

Dang, the exact bit isn’t on the sprue… maybe it was just part of the old metal kit?

Yeah, I’m planning to use the bit in combination with jewelery chain. It’s just that I used the one “split chain” bit I had for my first chariot and it fit perfectly… so now i “need” a second one for coherency and “just because”… :joy:

This is the bit I’m looking for:

You know what… if the postage to Sweden doesn’t kill the deal I’d be interested in all those left over bits on the sprue. I’d be willing to risk untracked shipping if there’s a big enough difference. ^^

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Hmm I guess I used that bit perhaps. Let me take a look at how much the postage is, you can have them


Finally took some pictures of the stuff I’ve been painting sporadically over the last few months. I’ve been a bit busy getting married and bogged down with work so haven’t been especially productive.

Managed to polish off a few odd bits and bobs I’ve had lying around for years and turn them into some Dwarf fillers and get through a bit more Khorne stuff - also turned into fillers because I can’t be arsed painting any more of these to meet core restrictions. Daemons really needed Furies or something in core…

On a negative note, my 3d printer arrived and so I started off by printing a first batch of minis I didn’t need…

Just Skarbrand left from my Khorne backlog to finish…hooray

Total :soon: 145
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark: 34
Painted :white_check_mark: 43
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: 9


These are all awesome! I love the mini-dioramas!

I’ve been busy painting, buying and printing minis but haven’t got around to photographing anything so far this year so here is my first update.

I started the year by buying loads of stuff, adding 2 Night Goblin characters, Festus, Vilitch, Valkia, Throgg, 6 Waywatchers, 4 Wood Elf characters, Sisters of Twilight, Treeman, 3 Treekin, 6 Wardancers, a Warhawk, 15 Slayers, 7 Quarellers and an Iron Daemon to the pile. (=51)

I then printed 15 Daemonettes (=66)

Not the best start in terms of BATG!

I have managed to paint so far the Slayers and the Quarellers, 2 Colossal Squigs and the Grudge Thrower. (-25)

I’ve also painted Skarbrand, the 2 Night Goblins and a Gyrocopter but they aren’t based yet so can go on next months!

Total :soon: 211
Added :negative_squared_cross_mark: 66
Painted :white_check_mark: 25
Score :chart_with_downwards_trend: -41


Lovely colors!