Reaver Sacks the Grey Havens [BATG 2023]

Hopping off the pain train and back on the paint train. I hope…

Two quick Ankh minis swept off my painting table with a good bit of dry-brushing


Knocking out the big guardians for Ankh. Not too many pairs left.


Cleared up the Ankh on my bench. Hopefully back to myriad Chaos Dwarf projects. Very pleased with the beetles for how fast they were.


Oh man you are killing these!

So much inspiration!

How did you get the colorshift effect?

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Thanks man! I need to work up what proxies they all could be for Tomb Kings. Without most of them falling into the Ushabti or Tomb Scorpion buckets.

The colorshift was done with a turquoise base coat over zenithal prime. Then I roughed in the purple area and green area using translucent Warcolours paints, coming back with water on another brush quickly to fade it in and leave some turquoise showing through. My usual cheap-as-free not-nuln oil mix. Last, picked out the areas again using a drybrush to preserve the texture. (in order: purple, medium purple, turquoise, turquoise lime green mix, lime green, lime green highlighter yellow mix)

Sounds like a lot of steps written out… but none of it was precise work. Big fat brush over a large area.


Good things come to those who hobby hangout. Experts say, CDOs total BATG productivity has a direct link to hobby hangout frequency. Or maybe those experts said BATG is tied to shame ridden petrification, I can’t remember the commercial.

Got these finished up while having a chat with @Oxymandias about rat catching ninja warrior obstacles. 2 contest gobs were already accounted for, but a nice -22 for me so I’m back in the negative briefly.


Even a beeg chonky hippo only counts as 1. Good hobby hangouts again to credit for this completion. The year of the Chaos Dwarf continues.


Taking credit for my contest entry now. Just got the photos all sorted, will update here when the contest is all dusted.

Crawling along in this BATG.


Painted this up during some Chitz&Son diaper change streams. 12/10 would recommend subscribing to their onlyfarts.


The bums go marching one by one hurrah.

I need to paint some infantry…

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Man o man has man o’ war hit hard.

+29 Crap
+10 Crap
+7 Also crap

No ragrets. Considering how many playable fleet lists this creates I’m very happy. @KhamdrimSkyMaster did a swath of printing to make this happen.

Last misc additions including some Grenadier goodies from Kham as well. Amazing big pigs fall into cart when you least expect it. Counting Tjublings by half rounded up since likely very few will be based independently and most will be bits for conversion or basing decoration for other models.


total crap +68


@Reaver you’re welcome for the skaven-sized tactical nuke-warp doom bomb

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The year of the -1 crawl continues. It’s really great to get some Tomb King painting in amidst the Chaos. Pulled out the old army book and indulged in some by-the-book scheme.

Apologies for the circle base. But especially with the double crew it just looked too appropriate to pass up.


I don’t even care that it’s a circular base! This thing is amazing!!!


Continuing to take full advantage of moments of weakness.

Dark Souls meets helms daemons plus familiars as stretch goals…
Give it to me.

7 daemons and 7 familiars. I doubt the familiars will all be independently based when I rank em up. But I walk the paths of pain.



Man, i thought of you when i saw these…then forgot…

Glad you got them

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This looks SO GOOD

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When I have things on my desk that need painting, I don’t paint them. I paint other things instead…

Old FDM prints randomly unearthed to decorate the indoor plant garden.


Reclaiming this 20 piece immortal mcnugget. No longer a pile of overly detailed dust collectors for my desk.


Such big, much hats!

30 block but only a -25 due to the filler base and the previously painted fuggitzuka team that I only touched up a bit.