Scribe's Contest XIV - Winners!

“Hashut has entertained your tales of merit and delivered his judgement by fire and ash”

After a great moot, results for the 14th Scribe’s Contest writing competition have been tallied!

Subject Matter: The Bold and the Bastardly - Character Lore

We had a great turnout with entries almost numerous enough to rival our Golden Hat contests! Glad to see some carryover from the recent Character Golden Hat following through in lore format. And now, the winners!

Entry #13: @Brawniac

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Entry #12: @ashur

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Entry #4: @MudHutGrug

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1st Place - Gold Scribe Winner: Entry #13 - @Brawniac
2nd Place - Silver Scribe Winner: Entry #12 - @ashur
3rd Place - Bronze Scribe Winner: Entry #4 - @MudHutGrug

Also, many entries trailed bronze by one or 2 votes. Well done all! Should anyone have received a Scribe’s Veteran Medal by entering 5 Scribe’s Contests, please PM me.

The Entry Key!
Link to Entries

1 @Admiral
2 @Gargolock
3 @Pyroven
4 @MudHutGrug
5 @Hashoooot
6 @KhamdrimSkyMaster
7 @Uther.the.unhinged
8 @Fuggit_Khan
9 @Hotstuff
10 @Oxymandias
11 @Lord_Aldades
12 @ashur
13 @Brawniac
14 @Reaver
15 @flagellant04
16 @Loidrial
17 @Jasko

Medals are incoming! If you wonder how many votes your entry received, PM @Reaver

And now for the gold prize, awarded to @brawniac from @chitzkoi who has graciously hoarded horny hatshits to satiate the needs of nipple ring enjoyers everywhere.

While the @ashur will take home two printed bastards from the existing bastardly bastards of brazenitude

Whereas @MudHutGrug wins a choice of 2 banner flags modeled by @Hotstuff

While @jasko randomly draws the short straw and secures everlastingly fleeting eternally brief immortalization of death in the vaunted halls Among the Wicked Dawi. Please contact @chitzkoi to plan your inevitable demise in the wondrous classic.

The winners will be contacted shortly via PM.

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted!

Be more than welcome to post the entries as new threads (or posts in your own army blog thread associated with the miniature version of the titular lord) in the Stories and Background section of the CDO Forums. :wink:

A Scribe’s Contest section will soon be set up in Contest Galleries.

That concludes the fourteenth installment of the Scribe’s Contest. It is a valuable addition to the growing mass of Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin writings accumulated on CDO. Well done, everyone!

Next up: The Artisan’s Contest!

The Staff


Congratulations to the winners, well earned. Also everyone else, what a great competition. And many thanks @Reaver for all your efforts, you’re a legend.


My exact choices :smile: Well done! Incredible penmanship and well deserved wins all around!


Looking forward to how arch-scribe @chitzkoi kills you off in a future season of AtwD. I like this random draw. Has real stakes to it.


A big congratulations to all the wordsmiths on one hand, and the victorious ones in particular


Well done to the winners, I guess!
I absolutely read them all, and as everyone here knows, I enjoyed reading them so much, that I will take some more time reading them once more.
Reading is truly my passion.

Well done :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:


Hashut be praised!!! I wish to thank all hat-heads, the Academy and @Reaver in particular!

What a week I’ve had!

Congratulations to all who entered! It takes guts to put your mind on the slab, as it were.

All entries deserve praise, but my personal favourite was @Jasko. Great stuff!

Also props to @Loidrial! I need to smuggle a certain vegetable into my sculpts somehow.


My first badge :shock: congrats to all you crazy bastards!


@Brawniac and @MudHutGrug, I betted on you two! Congratulations! And congratulations to all of you!


Thanks, mate, much appreciated! And I can honestly say: right back atcha :wink:

No Böttchers were harmed in the making of this story. All names and places are works of fiction and similarities to real people are purely coincidental.


Ohhhhhh now I get it, completely missed that! Chuffed for this!

Dear Chitz:


I am so 3D printing these.


A belated congratulations to the winners. Nice work gentlemen!