28mm Brazen Bastards, A Community Sculpting Initiative [Antenor Strikes Back: Nov 23 2023]

Great work! Excited to see this one out in the wild! Link has been added to the table of contents.

Don’t forget folks he’s available as a prize for the current Scribe’s contest!

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Here’s Oozhu painted! Pretty pleased with how he came out, but feel like I need to thin down my paint a bit more.



i love it, looks perfect. Is that the green or a print?


It’s the print!


Wow thats lovely painted, you really brought your sculpt to life


Very awesome, love that you went with earthy tones!

Admiral Daggertail
Work in progress

Sparse on the WIPs but this guy was started back in 2021 during the initial batch. Each new bastard I sculpted I added leftover greenstuff to this neglected bastard. The shark helm was a rehash of my Secret Zhanta conversion that I felt needed to be preserved.

The ass-gun (legends of the brain outener) was again sculpted back when bum themed memery was all the rage. It is meant to mimic the look of my Artisan’s contest asskraken.

Obligatory horseshoe crab shield was an easy blue stuff job. Figured I’d share a picture of how I made the mustache since it’s been on my dam phone since 2021.

At some point my dumb ass realized I had two left hands, so a sword materialized that I don’t think I have WIPs of…

This weekend, emboldened by the flame of ambition (and a new tube of green stuff, and @Hotstuff and @Antenor 's recent efforts), I sat down and made the remaining part. Really nothin fancy, 'cept that belt buckle inspired by @Admiral 's store page logo.


Admiral Daggertail
Final Images

Hard to see in these pictures but I tried to make it look like the crab was alive and clinging onto his arm/hand. @Uther.the.unhinged feel free to take a lore crack at this one mate, no pressure. The only real tidbit I have about him is that he tends to use bound (or dead) creatures and their parts for his armaments, possibly as necessity drives such salvaging in a dwarf that’s been at sea too long. His pistol surely shoots some vile ammunition, and he’s proud of it. I’m sure he doesn’t smell great either. I could see him being marooned at some point in his infamous career, perhaps for so long that he isn’t even really an admiral anymore.

I’m a Warhammer Fantasy enjoyer but I could see him comfortably in most any setting.

More bastards on my desk folks, hopefully they won’t take as long as this one.


This guy looks awesome! :hatoff:


Uuuuuu I well remember this great guy! He’s finally completed! :horse: :crab: :eggplant:


Awesome! Love the horseshoe crab shield idea, amazing work on the clinging feet. :hatoff:


Wonderful daggertail-inspired character! And a most fine title for this warrior of the horseshoe crab. Excellent sculpting, @Reaver .

And wow, lovely work, everyone! Great imagination and skills at work.

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What a fantastic sculpt! Can’t wait to hold a print of him. The shield, helmet and gun are lovely details. If I’m not mistaken you enjoy the works from Fromsoftware, and that is also coming through on this dude. Cannot wait to see what the others arrr!

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T. Furius Sinister, Corrector of the North
Work in Progress (image heavy)

I’m a simple sculptor. I like a historical setting, I turn it into an evil dwarf.

Late antiquity is among my favourites and, in my opinion, woefully underrepresented in popular culture (one laudable exception being Attila TW). Recently, I got drawn into that period again while reading the Twilight of Empire series by Ian Ross. So, when summer came – and with it some leisure to produce a Brazen Bastard – I decided that he would have to be made in Late Roman style.

His outfit includes some typical elements of the period: A sleeved tunic, breeches with socks included, open shoes, and maybe the most prominent features of a Late Roman soldier: the military cloak (sagum) and pillbox hat (pileus Pannonicus). The three layers of pteruges over his right arm are something I personally associate strongly with the period; the same goes for the scale corselet, which was among the many types of Late Roman body armour and fits in nicely with classic fantasy imagery.

While I used many modern artworks and reenactment pictures for reference, the most important inspiration was of course the famous Portrait of the Tetrarchs, as can be recognised in the dwarf’s pose (or so I hope at least). This is also where the idea of an eagle-headed sword hilt originated.

“Corrector” was in fact a kind of late imperial governor’s title, and I thought that for modern ears there’s a suitably menacing ring to it. “North” because that’s where there typically are barbarians to guard borders against - both from a Roman perspective and in a lot of fantasy settings. :smile:

Here are some WIP pictures:


T. Furius Sinister, Corrector of the North
Final images

Thank you @MichaelX for supplying the dolly! :hatoff:


Lovely sculpt! Glad you could join the fray. Very expressive face, especially the mouth. And as clean as always! Links added to the ToC, let’s keep the scan man busy folks!

No I’m definitely not sculpting tiny DS1 Darkroot Garden mushroom men with my leftover green stuff, who’s asking?

glances side-eye at onion knight sculpt

Funnily enough, when I made my first shark helm, I was trying to make an Abyss Watchers helmet… stopped half way when I realized it looked like a shark and that was as good or better than the original intent?


Oh man, their designs just have this oddness to them that I find deeply inspiring. I’m looking at getting some of the art books from the games. Great source to draw from. The shark helmet totally captures a similar unique oddness and therefore works on its own. Everything’s a remix.

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Thanks mate! Much appreciated, especially the kind words about his face - that was an adventure in its own right. :hatoff: But I do think he looks properly annoyed now. As if something he just saw could use a bit of correction. Maybe he’s in need of some legionaries… :smile:

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Once again a great sculpt from you! :hatoff: I am really thrilled! :beer:


The Corrector is utterly lovely! Well done in all ways.

Hm, now that gives me an idea for one or two of my dollies. Might join in on the fun already during autumn, Hashut willing.