28mm Brazen Bastards, A Community Sculpting Initiative [Antenor Strikes Back: Nov 23 2023]

Tales told amongst the cattle herders of Averland, whispers of myth across The Great Ocean, grumblings up and down The World’s Edge Mountains… such Brazen Bastards portend only chaos… what form of menace awaits?

The Brazen Broadcast & Company proudly present a new initiative to create a community owned line of Chaos Dwarfs with interchangeable parts of all styles. Co-conspirators bringing this calamitous intent to your virtual doorstep are as follows:
@Admiral , @chitzkoi , @Loidrial , @MichaelX , @Oxymandias , @Reaver

CDO, by nature of our history, has a longstanding tradition of creating original content. It is the spirit of this community that lit the forge, shaping a plan to solidify our heritage. In our eyes nothing surpasses the character and quality of our fan created content. As a community we have shaped the legacy of Chaos Dwarfs… Let the fires continue to burn unabated, lay waste to our enemies until all is naught but ash.

Consider this a call to action for all those wanting to leave an indelible mark on Chaos Dwarf history, immortalizing their sculpts and sharing with other short angry curly bearded fanatics. I cannot stress this enough, all styles are welcome whether they be Mesopotamian Big Hats, Marauder Era, Azgorh, nude berserkers, Napoleonic, Turnip28, Cult of Walhut, or whatever other chaotic ideas you have stashed under your doubtlessly immense hat.

We are intending to remove some barriers to getting original content in the hands of folks across the globe and giving people access to the sculpts of peers. The workflow will subvert some of the requirements of casting, mitigate some costs, lean into the 3d printing culture that is emerging (and flourishing), and hopefully build a library of Chaos Dwarfs for our community to enjoy.

Here are the proposed steps to this plan:

  1. Trial Phase - Currently underway, pilot test the below steps
  2. Spread Chaos - 1 (or 9) Chaos Dwarf dollies are distributed digitally and physically to each willing or blackmailed participant. Dollies have heads and arms removed with flat joins at the arms.
  3. Do the Thing - Each person sculpts chaos dwarfs in their image (perhaps literally) with a best attempt at adhering to the scale and joints presented by the dollies. All styles encouraged, hats… helms… masks… tusks up… tusks down…
  4. Get Ready to Look SO GOOD - Prepare each model for scanning, logistics here still need to be haggled over but may include grey priming or pinning parts together.
  5. Submit Offerings - Mail to MichaelX Oxy’s shed(s), making sure to use plenty of packing material for Eddy’s mattress. Pray to Hashut and Walhut for safe passage.
  6. Magic Stuff - Scan beautiful miniatures, laugh maniacally. Note: magic is not free and we will be working strategies and quotes. More to come on that soon.
  7. Attack of the Clones - Distribute digitally for consumption and printing, likely as Patreon rewards. Members creating content will obviously get access to their own scans by default.
  8. Prepare for Battle - Print the bastards! Create a unit of eclectic dwarfs, or pick and choose your favorite designs for cohesion.
  9. Descent into Madness - Contests for painting, composing lore, or doing artwork related to the bastards. Opportunity for digital remixing, reposing, etc

Chaos Dwarfs Online doesn’t stop at just sculpting and painting glorious bastards however… With the help of our Arch-Chronicler @chitzkoi and Artisan @Loidrial Shed-Dweller we’ll kick off accompanying lore and art for our creations. Members are encouraged to come up with prompts to aid this process if they have backstory in mind.


  • Sculpts must be entirely created by the submitting member without use of bits from any supplier whether they be printed, cast, mesh-mixed, freely available, etc. Any questions please post in this thread or reach out to any of the forum staff (or @Reaver)
  • Each model created (~4 parts: head, body, two arms) counts toward the Dark Father badge although there is nothing to stop someone from only creating heads for example.
  • Digital participation is perfectly valid!

Brazen Bastards Google drive project folder


Table of Contents

Unzi Al-Ashrar :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Porco Dio :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Oss Crook-Finger :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Zhiekward of Cath-Arin :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Karpok of the Blubberborne :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Oozhu Grand Duc of Hashoot :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Admiral Daggertail :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
T. Furius Sinister :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Rut, Grubber of Rootshut :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
The Faceless :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
The Limitanei Infernales :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
The Major General :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Evil Dwarf Line Infantry :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:
Evil Dwarf Grenadier :rankcd1::rankcd2: WIP - Final - Lore - Art Scanned File Link :white_check_mark:




Inspiration Post
A collection of miscellaneous inispiration that might be bastardized some day!

Artisan’s Contest XXXVI Thread! - Bastard Artwork Challenge


octopope, robes:cape with tentacles at end Hashoooot samurai, bamboo hat


Unzi Al-Ashrar, "The Wicked"
Work in Progress, image heavy!

Humble beginnings of my first full chaos dwarf sculpt. The dolly is a very useful scale tool and I really enjoyed working to the @Loidrial concept art for my first go.

Curse Eddy for having so many open hands on one miniature though. Thankful for the blissfully clean air of northern Maine that provided a calming atmosphere.

The armature for the Djinn was a similar challenge to my Brother’s Djinn conversion. I tried to double it back on itself and pin through clever places to give the correct gap look. Iterated through subtractive and additive a few times on the Djinn facial structure, didn’t come out a great rendition but it’s a mimicry attempt at least.

Toothless Djinn and no face sorcerer head. I sculpted the head while it was barely secured to the torso to help with fit. I did some touch up later to the joint after removal.

Djinn musculature and first pass at real facial features.

Beardination complete. This will be a tough one to maintain consistency and compatibility of interchangeable heads but I found creating a small tab and letting it cure to be very advantageous. I used my roll maker tutorial for beards. Spit and nose grease helped to sculpt the shroud behind the hat without it sticking to the main body.

Almost forgot this…


Unzi Al-Ashrar, "The Wicked"

Credit to @chitzkoi for the name. I’ll let him share his lore. Image from @Loidrial 's past contest submission. A wonderfully evocative piece that needed more attention!

Here are the finished parts awaiting finalization of the scan plan.


You have the talent reaver to produce a whole line of excellent chaos dwarfs. You didn’t exactly pick an easy one to start with…

Well done!


Beautiful work @Reaver

I suspect I am going to have to give this full model sculpting thing a go. Do you have an anticipated timeline for this, or is this project going to be an ongoing thing?


Thank you! Would love to have you aboard. There’s no specific timeline, and certainly no rush. We need to work out what size groups would be best to take to scanning at one time for cost efficiency. I sort of envisioned this happening in (NEVER-ENDING) waves (perhaps on the order of 5-10 sculpts). Our first batch will be a small trial batch and we’ll know more after that.

I have a few ready-ish and a some ideas brewing but we thought it good to get this in front of the community early so folks can marinate some of their own ideas.


Fantastic work all of you and great initiative! And @Reaver, that’s one awe inspiring sculpt!

I’d gladly take a few physical dummies and see what I can yank out. :cd1991gif:



What a good idea, CDO continues to make amazing progress and this is such a great way to do it.

Colour me interested, it’s been a long old while since I’ve done any sculpting but I’m very much up forgiving this a go and contributing to a lime of Chaos Dwarfs that would be open to more and more people


Wow. This is seriously exciting!

You guys never cease to amaze. Well done all involved, this is going to be a real game changer.


Im working on 3 myself! But life, BATG and CDO competitions are getting in the way :smiley:

For anyone interested and owning a printer… i can share the dollies we used so you can join us easily!


Great initiative. I would also like to participate if someone could send me dollies. There are a few one-off ideas I wanted to do for a long time such as Admiral’s Mesoamerican take on chaos dwarfs or a remake of Antenor’s ill-fated Minoan stunty. Not sure though if such exotic renditions are a bit of a stretch?

Aside from that, I would use these dollies as reference and try to keep future sculpts for my own army project compatible if possible.


Nothing is really too much of a stretch… The idea is that this unit is made out of misfits. Anything goes. The practical reason is to account for differences in sculpting and preferences but it also works very well fluff wise!


Oof, this is awesome! Both the whole idea as well as Unzi. Stunning.


Completely agree with @MichaelX . I’m sure other Chaos Dwarfs 'round the world will appear in the Bastards at some point. Far East Hashoot owl clan anyone? @Admiral 's art alone I’m sure provides ample inspiration for numerous other concepts.

Excited to have more folks on board. @denelian5 , @Anzu with some patience we’ll get things sorted out. For anyone that doesn’t have access to a printer (or a local mate with a printer) ideally we’d find someone on the forum with availability nearbyish to you to minimize shipping costs.


Figured this is a great time to make a list of members who are willing to land printer resources to other members…

Darklands printing service! (Community members with printers)


This is a wonderful idea. It breathes the spirit of CDO. Kudos to the initiators for tackling the organisation of this grand project! :beer:

I would love to contribute. I’m not sure what exactly I would make, as there are always plenty of ideas struggling to emerge from the depths of madness onto the sculpting table. You know me and my hobbying tempo, so you also know there’s a decent chance that I won’t make it for the first production cycle, but who knows? Miracles happen. Worst case scenario, my contribution joins the fray later on. :hatoff:

@Reaver I am in awe. A wonderful rendition of @Loidrial 's artwork! I especially admire the natural feel of the cloth - it looks perfect.

@Anzu I’d love to see your skill applied to Aegaean-Bronzey stunties!


Im in, this is a great initiative! :smiley:


I see this is really going to take off. Great!!
Id love to see stunty versions of things like this


And other classic chaos champions, or new interpretations of classics. Half chaos dwarf half flamer? I thought xanders conversions were crying out for a stunty version.

Wish i had skills…haha

Chicks dig guys with skills…

Napoleon dynamite