[Archive] CDO Tees shirts

Knight Of Awsome:

If anyone wants to help with getting some tees together with ethor an emblem or a design that represents CDO(an entire emblem), or an idea for an emblem for a tee, post it here. We can print the shirts at a shirt store, ex. "dogs ear"

I just got photoshop CS2 so i can also play around with some stuff, but im just geting used to to program "updates"

Some ideas why:

  • To wear to a games day

  • To school (If in school)

  • To your gaming club

  • Represents us, letting more people know were out here


The Rune of Hashut would make for a good logo. It’s iconic, and a decent conversation starter because some people confuse it for Khorne. So you’d get the chance to talk about Hashut. :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Yes the Rune of Hashut would definitely have to be included.

I’d be happy to have such a t-shirt! Since I’m slowly growing out of the one I wore at the previous Games Days (it’s getting smaller every year for some reason, the damn thing!) I’m on the lookout for a suitable alternative. :slight_smile:

Might this actually be a good idea - to think about a unique logo for CDO?


Apart from any copyright issues, I think the Rune of Hashut would be an awesome idea. How about a front and back design? For example, a black Tee with a large lava effect rune of hashut with Chaos Dwarfs Online in similar writing beneath. Then on the back we could have the website in white along with a motto.

Alternatively if we have any talented artists an updating of the WDP:CD front cover artwould be awesome, with maybe an update of the Slaver in the top right corner of this page next to the name and address of the sight on the back. I’m thinking Ishkurs Taurus and the crewman on the banner in terms of style

Kera foehunter:

sound great !! i hope they are black tees shirts

Pyro Stick:

We could alwas design a new chaos dwarf Rune. I was thinking that that would be a good idea for another Artisan Contest.

Knight Of Awsome:

Ok i used my awesome drawing skills to draw a nice t-shirts!:cheers

When we make the layout on the t-shirts, we can make it so that if anyone cant ship we can give them a universal layout that they can take to a t-shirt printing store so the person will only have to print out the layout in colour.

what i made is only a idea for a layout to show that there can be other layouts, if you want to use your awesome drawing skills:cheers


i think that CDO should go on the front and the Rune should be on the left and right sholder with the CD picture on the back and

Lord Zarkov:

Copyright could be a problem, I know HOH a few years back tried to sell T-shirts and got in serious trouble for not asking for permission from GW. It might be worth looking into as we don’t want it to become a problem.


I think we will find that we have to design a symbol ourselves,GW are very funny about rights when it comes to merchandising .The lava symbol and CDO logo designs sound great :hat

Pyro Stick:

Quickly made this on paint:


Im just using my avatar in place of a different image that we could all decide on using. Maybe there could be different pics on the front, like getting a pic of your own model put on. I dont know if we would be allowed to use the RUne though. I guess we could ask GW for permission. Its not like they are using it.

Something could probably go across one of the sleves. Maybe just a big CDO.


Ishkur Cinderhat:

That would certainly look cool! But only very specialized print shops can do it on black background AFAIK, at least none that I know here could print that.


Does anyone know any really good T-Shirt places online? Because I like quality shirts. :stuck_out_tongue:


i know my fiancée used to get her rock society t-shirts done quite cheaply on black.

the thing i see is arm logos cost quite a bit more to put on, as thats 4 places to print rather than just 2.

it might be better to set up an account with one of those print on demand webstore things, so instead of having to order it all in bulk people could buy them when they wanted, and have custom designs on them.

p.s. pyro your rune of hashut is upside down :wink:


this looks fairly cool


this is much the same but cheaper



p.s. pyro your rune of hashut is upside down ;)

Says who?

Cool, I will check this website out!


p.s. pyro your rune of hashut is upside down ;)

Says who?

Cool, I will check this website out!

my point was that there isnt a proper way of having the rune of hashut, some people use it the other way around than others. it could get a bit complicated.

Hashut’s Blessing:

If people want the rune of Hashut, put it on an axe blade on the shirt to avoid issues of that. Why not have the back as the banner with some text beneath saying the url, the front can be a big hat/mask (two styles, one for those that like hats, one for masks) or something?

Knight Of Awsome:

Heres a store in BC:


Or in canada:


well it has come to my intentions that allot of us come from different parts of the world, and shipping from Canada to Europe or other any other country, could be expensive. So we could make a .pdf file that we could print off (in colour), bring to a local t-shirt embroidery store to get it printed instead of paying up to $15 for shipping.


Or you could get some of the iron-onto-fabric printer paper and print them yourself. I’ve done it before for my daughter’s clothes and it worked great (although some of them only lasted a few months, but long enough for her to grow out of them first)


If we can get this done by June I’ll wear mine to Gamesday in Baltimore!