Creating the gaming room of my dreams! (Hopefully)

Evening CDO,

I won’t be updating miniature projects a tonne right now as I’m moving home.

It’s with a pang of very real anxiety that my armies have been boxed up with the rest of my belongings.

But it’s for a reason - a bloody good one.

This new home is in a nicer neighbourhood for my daughter to grow up in, the new house has more space for my family and (most important of all) it has a big empty garage.

My plan is to convert this garage into a purpose built gaming room with armies on display, a 6x4 table as well as beer fridge and space to hang out with my mates.

Behind the garage is an area of similar size where a previous owner had an aviary. Now it’s just a large concrete base with nothing on it. My plan is to turn it into a purpose built hobby space with room to 3D print, assemble and paint minis/ scenery.

I’m gonna use this space to blog progress on here, seek advice and hopefully share with the community what I manage to achieve.

It’s going to be a marathon as opposed to a sprint and I have to remember that it will be better to not rush and have something quality that will last for years than knock something up on the cheap and make do.

Wish me luck Hashut heads - Jac (Oxymandias)


I love everything about this!
Congrats on the move, what a win-win if it is better for your family and your hobby as well. Sounds like a great plan, excited to see your progress here. Enjoy the ride (even when there will inevitably be frustration at some point :D)

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Very nice. Id get rid of the garage door and apply insulation if its single layer wall. It will get cold in winter. Numb fingers isnt conducive to steady painting id have thought :wink:


Yeah insulation and ensuring a leak free roof is an early first objective :smiley:

Won’t be painting in that room, will be building a hobby room behind it for painting. But yeah - cold gaming would also not be fun!

Ohhhh best of luck with this! Definitely need lots of cool artwork and stuff to hang up - a friend of mine has a German Zweihander mounted on the wall in his gaming room and it looks awesome.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my own little painting area for the last few years where I had a dedicated painting desk and some nice warhammer art on the walls. Sadly I’m having to move out and all my stuff is going into storage, but definitely know I’ll be setting up a much more complete space in my next place.

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Yeah I’ve been using a loft @Filmdeg which has been okay. It’s away from everyone and has a high enough roof to work in. Problem has been that in the winter it’s freezing and in the summer all my paints dry up haha. This new place will be 100% better.

Fridays the big day! Not long now!


So arrived in the new house this weekend!

First job was a bit of a dull one - but an important one. Had to Build a fence to stop my dog from entering next doors garden.

Now that’s sorted…

Next job is the start of the wargaming room!

Found the garage has a couple of small leaks so got hold of some sealing stuff for that. I’ve now ordered a load of timber for the walls. Will be affixing these like a kind of frame, putting 50mm celotex insulation behind and then covering up with a stud wall. I live in south of England so it doesn’t get mega cold here but you still need the room to be insulated otherwise it won’t be nice in the winter. will be ordering this insulation once the wood is up though as there’s nowhere to really put it otherwise. I want it to arrive and go up immediately.

The dedicated Hobby room I’m building next to it may be on hold until Weather Improves. So will concentrate on gaming room first. It may serve as a 50% gaming room 50% hobby room for a few months.

In about a weeks time, I have a week off work.

Hoping to make some good progress then! Will share pics when I can!


Great! Might be an age thing, but I enjoy this as much as a painting blog… :rofl: :thinking:

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The battle for the garden wall is over. The battle for the gaming room has just begun.

My legend of a father began clearing out the garage - soon to be gaming room - today! We can actually see walls now!


That is going to be freezing in the winter. May as well get a beer tap in. Nice cold beer while you play : )

Men need places to hide away from the wife and kids. Vital for sanity!


Got lots and of insulation arriving @Zoddtheimmortal so shouldn’t be too bad…still…beer is a must :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great! Can’t wait to see this come together!

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Waterproofed the roof of the garage early this morning!

Also had 100 pieces of timber arrive! So also started work on the wooden frame today. Nothing is fixed in place just measuring and cutting atm

One of those days where it looks like you’ve achieved nothing but you’ve actually done quite a lot and worked out how to do the next steps through some trial and error.


A bit more progress! Slow I know - but full time work makes this a longer term project than I’d like!


Having a dedicated hobby room is a blessing. I know I wouldn’t paint half as much if I had to get all out of storage each time I want to paint.

I don’t know if I’m stating the obvious but don’t cut into those roofing sheets, they contain asbestos! Also, my smithy (yes, I actually dabble in blacksmithing in real life) has the same roof covering… you should insulate the roof too as in winter it will rain inside due to condensation.

Finally, keep us updated, always nice to see others gaming rooms come to life!


Haha I just read this… my God man this should be in gold lettering in each mancave!

Men need places to hide from the wife and kids, Zoddtheimmortal

My wife started working again 3 weeks ago, oldest kid goes to school and the youngest goes to daycare.

I have NEVER enjoyed working in silence so much!


Don’t worry we’re aware but appreciate the heads up mate :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:

Actual progress!

Began sealing the outside of the building a bit better to combat moisture. Will be covering it in anti moisture paint too soon.

Walls on the left hand side starting to take shape and window installed.

A few leaks still an issue. So I went to town on patching this one up. Looks gross but all will be hidden once were done.

I’ve bought special sealing stuff and waterproof paint to coat the entire top of the roof but need to wait for a dry day to do this.

Also my dog couldn’t help but make his mark on some of the concrete



Good progress! Keep at it, thoroughness will pay off. Nice to see your dog writing his signature. :slight_smile:


Hi mate, looks great! When i had my shed built it was isolated too well leading to mold popping up everywhere, solved it by creating small openings in the bottom of the walls and the top to allow for circulation. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. Good luck