CDO Hobby Space

So, we have Faces of CDO - A Portrait Thread and various handy-men and thats all cute and fine… But show us the magic place where sweat and blood are spilled in equal parts! :skull1:

Ill start of with mine, recently moved so its still pretty sparse…


Lovely space. If you want to see what mine currently looks like just Google “The London Blitz” and look at the images. Similar to that.

I’ll tidy it up and photograph at some point! Great idea for a thread :slight_smile:



…we used to run atleast one of these threads back on the old forum. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to my office(s)

Office office: for painting and printing

Kitchen office: for sculpting and kitbashing

Floor office: for basing


One of these days I take neater shots. Primary work desk as an old fold up desk in the basement; found on Craigslist and refinished. Quite a bit of storage underneath, and it’s useful that I can close it all up when needed. Planning to build a bigger paint rack that wall mounts to the side of the desk. I have a secondary cutting board that I use as a mobile desk, pretty much all over the house:

Also have a secondary workshop for the heavy lifting, tools, and storage. Running out of space, so trying to downsize stuff I’ll never get to.

Cheers, JR


This is my hobby room while gaming.

I’ll add one when it’s in painting mode later


I’m kinda ashamed!


Don’t… we’ve all been there, some of us permanently


i have none lol
always put things and remove them from the living room table


Haaa random piles scattered around my house. I need to organise this mess!

I even bought myself a proper desk, I just forgot to buy a chair at the same time so it doesn’t feel worth the effort of rearranging everything til I have somewhere to sit.


I used to do the same as @Loidrial, set out everything on the dinner table and then clear it all off afterwards.
Slowly over time, all that extra effort went away, not sure if it was laziness or just answering the commandments of Hashut…but now we just eat at the coffee table instead


Totally agree. In the rare occasions where I can work from home, this is what’s left behind


So I also want to show you my craft cave. I am lucky, we have an incredible amount of space and my wife also understands my needs…

So and regarding the chaos at my workplace, there is a saying in Germany:

He who keeps order is too lazy to look for it.


Do i spy the LKM Palanquin there???

Also Kill Team?

This is like “Where’s waldo” but with warhammer… :smiley:


Not bad MichaelX, I didn’t think anyone would zoom in like that

You’re right about both.

The others are better hidden. Somewhere there is still a Chaoswarhound hiding and Thamurkhan among others.


Home office and hobby shelf

Mobile hobby table

Thanks for everyone’s input on the varnish in the earlier thread :laughing:


Standing desk, good size monitor with Discourse in full view. Muchly approved.


Workin hard :laughing:


Snapshot of the Admiralty lair.

Out of view: A table full of bags of sorted Tjublings by @tjub and other cast miniatures, including Dwarves of the Dark Bell Tower sculpted by @Fuggit_Khan . On the floor and under this table there are paper bags and boxes and boxes filled with cast stock, purchased miniatures and projects in fallow. And boxes filled with non-hobby things, most of them marked and registered in a notebook.

If you stack the boxes you can build narrow walkways. And if you secure wall-mounted wooden box shelves high up on a wall you can fill them and then you can stack things on top of the box shelves up to the roof.

My home is characterized by tight walkways and stacked boxes forming canyons. Go vertical! Like the big hats of Mingol Zharr-Naggrund the Great herself.

And just like the fanatical and industrial city ziggurat of the Dawi Zharr, it is all a production line organized and geared for output, lubricated by thrall sweat and slave blood. Obviously, slaves will eat where they work, for the sake of efficiency by watching lectures and documentaries while eating. All commonly used tools are within easy reach, including a plastic bag of stamps, tape and postal paraphernalia to the left. And akin to the heart of a dark empire, it is the nervecentre for all digital correspondence, customer orders and postal mails sent out and received from across the world. Complete with archives of pictures, PDFs and text files stored on both the computer, a separate harddrive and cloud storage.

Behold the postal scales and the secondary workplace to the right. My brother has prime of place whenever he visits for a hobby workshop, whereupon I move to the smaller workspace on the corner. You can clearly tell who is the master and who is the slave from the above information.

This is a mad Daemonsmith’s lair, where unspeakable creations have come to horrid life.

This is a forge where wild ideas are beaten into writings, drawings, paintings, conversions and sculpts, baleful beyond belief.

This is it.

This is where my life’s work happen:

It is the third millennium, and there is only toil.


“You can clearly tell who is the master and who is the slave”…
You do mean the cats, right?