Renovating a vacation shed

At the behest of @Zoddtheimmortal and copying @Oxymandias his Sheddening I decided to also do a blog about the renovations on a trailer I got from my nephew in the adrennes.

It’s like a fixed mobile home. Like in a trailer park, only in the middle of the woods in the ardennes.

He gave it to me because it needs a lot of work done and he doesn’t feel like it.

This is the way it looked before work

I decided to strip most of it and redo it. The ceiling HAS to be done because it got wet and started sagging. The cupboards, bench and kitchen were also way past their due date. I did all of this last weekend.

I also had to get rid of the gravel outside and put grass in its place. This the prep work. Seeds go on this weekend.

I really wanted to do this renovation as cheap as I possibly can. The roof and some parts of the walls will be made with reclaimed wood.

This week I started getting loads of pallets to break apart for the wood.

And i fixed the new (also practically free) kitchen

Coming weekend I will sand the walls, install the kitchen, sow the grass, cut some more tiles for the yard, install some walls and flooring.

That’s about it for the first post. More after the weekend.


Impressive and ambitious project. I think if I was given this I’d hide away from kids and wife and drink copious amounts of beer haha-party shack.

It looks not to far away from the size of my house :smiley:

I like seeing stuff like this. Makes me feel I could also do stuff like this until I run into problems I couldn’t handle.

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Haha so far it’s only demolition and yard work. Everyone could do it if they are physically capable.

It’s about 3m by 8m. There’s one room in it, about 2x3m, a toilet (1x1m) and the rest is now one room. Cooking is done in the tent thing in front.

Room is for the kids, our bed will be in the main room.

It’s great though, my sister has the next plot. About 1 hr drive from my home!


Next update I’ll add some pics of the surroundings.

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Excellent work so far, well done. Just make sure your nephew doesn’t ask for it back once you’ve finished :wink:

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Haha he can buy it back :stuck_out_tongue: At my hourly rate if i was a freelancer :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent stuff! Sooooo where’s the 6x4 gaming table gonna go? :wink:

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Haha if by ANY chance there is a war gamer on the same campground it will go wherever it can fit!


Love a good shed thread! looking forward to more progress.

Today’s updates!

I removed the rotten roof supports and replaced them with solid boards. The actual sawing took so much time…

Also redid the electricity without killing myself or burning the shed down.

Then I installed a new old kitchen.


Then I installed some boards for walls (To be made), removed the old flooring, cleaned up, made the bed (somewhat) took a shower and had a non alcoholic beer!


It looks promising, but why a non-alcoholic beer? :thinking: Not very CD-like! :wink:


True. Not dwarf like :sweat_smile:.

I haven’t drank alcohol since 2003. Could handle it and some in my family have a history so I decided to abandoned alcohol.


Now that gives a partial explanation why you have much enterprise haha. Casually plumbing a sink and doing the electrical wiring around the caravan is a great skill set


So, today I didn’t have a lot of time because the Mrs has a dinner date with het mom planned. Still stripped the paint of about 6m of wall, which SUCKED.

This was after a few minutes… I forgot to take one after I was done.

I also supported some of the roof supports I couldn’t replace.

And i fixed a hole in the floor where a cupboard used to be.

Next weekend, new flooring, moor paint stripping and maybe ceiling


Breaking so so many pallets apart for wood. I completely misjudged the amount of wood this would produce. Very happy with it, as this gives me more freedom to make other stuff.

This is like 1/8th or something…

Also lots of poles for a small fence.

They have doubled by now…

So happy I got one of these. Definitely worth the 30 euros I paid, and it also makes a decent improvised weapon!



Looks very much like this weapon


Well there you go.


A shed you say? Malicious intent


Progress in this is fantastic @MichaelX