Golden Hat XLI: Legendary Lords

“The Blood of Hashut beckons the mightiest lords of Zharr to prove their worth”

Warcolours and The Brazen Broadcast Presents: The 41st Golden Hat competition on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

The Golden Hat Winner will have the choice of either of the below:

This contest has been sponsored by Warcolours!
The silver winner will receive a €20 store coupon at Warcolours
The bronze winner will receive a €10 store coupon at Warcolours

courtesy of @warcolours

One lucky random participant will carry home a metal copy of Klagg Morgrief courtesy of and originally sculpted by @Hotstuff

Subject Matter: Legendary Lords (and heroes)

This theme is wider than it may seem at face value. For this contest we want you to enter with anything involving named characters, be they Chaos Dwarf, Centaur, Hobgoblin or other sorts!

Do you have a classic model of Astragoth or Draz-ho-ath festering in your kitchen cupboard just waiting to be painted? Maybe you’d like to paint a diorama of Zhatan beating the fudging grudge out of some vanilla dwarfs. Did you have a monstrous vision for a 4th Legendary Lord slot that didn’t get realized? You sure as Shar’tor should execute on that plan.

Maybe you’d prefer to offer up a rendition of a named character otherwise pulled from lore regardless of canon. Speaking of cannons, maybe you’ve imagined a rival to Astragoth’s mechanical prowess, named Astratony Ironmanhand. Doubtless you all have a better, less punny idea, lurking in the depths of yuh OC ready to cast fireball on the competition. Every army needs a general or 9! Create your own upstart ready to challenge for Hashut’s favor and elevate their standing in the conclave!

Are you a Hobgoblin fanatic? Heroes or other named characters seeking fame through feats of backstabbery are also worthy!

Worried your idea is too large for a single character? Bah, shove that silly notion aside! Don’t forget, Chaos Dwarfs can ride various mounts to battle, surveying the battlefield from the back of a flying bull, or being toted to war on a palanquin by hordes of smelly underlings.

Keep it as simple or as complicated as you like. Let your imagination run wild!

If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, please contact @Reaver and he’ll sort it out with the rest of the Staff.

Basing is unrestricted and up to your discretion. You may include plinths and display bases if you want. You may include fancy backgrounds. We want to encourage the creation of beautiful models and scenes, not hamper it.

Subject: Legendary Lords
Bases: Up to your discretion.
The Due Date: 11:59 PM June the 22nd 2023 EST (Eastern Time Zone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent either to the @GoldenHat account and/or to chaosdwarfsonline ( at ) no later than the due date. (Entrants have approximately 8 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact @Reaver . In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the Internet, e.g. with Imgur or with this forum’s direct upload function. Photos may not have additional digital text or items/models unrelated to your entry. Next, send a PM to @GoldenHat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:

  • Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place at the top in the vaunted Golden Hat Gallery .
  • Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona.
  • Win paints and miniatures! See above for details.

Go forth painters of the Dark Lands and CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best to post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM @Reaver and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to hobby while you’re pressing that end turn button!

The Staff


This should be a popular competition. Everyone likes named characters to lead their hosts. Its basically an unwritten book for the helm dudes. Nice one!


:shed: this is a huge one! boy!
i already have some ideas. gonna hit that PM because my crazy mind is already spinning xD
and maybe it’s just on point for the project i was preparing :eggplant:


Worth noting that (as usual) you do not need to restrict your entry to a single model. Perhaps a duel between rival characters, or a lord leading a retinue of his closest followers/bodyguards. These are well within the scope of this competition.


Very cool theme! :beer: I don’t really have an idea yet, but it will come! :smile:


Fantastic theme.

I have a great idea, I have the bits.

Surely I stand a chance in this Golden Hat.

The only thing that could possibly mess things up is my painting……

There may be a flaw in my plan.


Alright, this time I’ll actually do something.


Small update, the random draw is not a scan, but an actual metal cast of that scan!


@MichaelX Oh nice, did you find a casting service for the Brazen Bastards project or is this purely DIY?

Need to see if I can manage to participate, life has been busy as of late… :frowning:


They where already cast by @Hotstuff when i got them. I merely scanned one and shared it with his approval!


I might be in for this one, much to my surprise.

  1. @chitzkoi You have spare horny hatshits? Didn’t know that :thinking:

  2. This comp already looks like it’s gonna be a big one! Very open to interpretation and begging for interesting conversions and paint jobs.

  3. Do I need a converter for putting a 20mm based lord onto a 25mm base based on fact the base is wrong or is this based on an assumption of baseless accusations about the new style basing based on the latest Warhammer old world update? Base.

  4. prizes are top tier :metal:t2:


You have to put the model on a Shed-agonal base
Also yes, probably the best prizes we ever seen around!


Actually i think youll find the horns of hashut are one of the rarest and most valuable sprues in modern miniature collecting, i heard a rumour that a collector with a passion for the aesthetic bought up ALL the loose sprues on ebay in a single day. THAT’s how hot a commodity they are


An interesting concept, and apparently I am entering this one as someone (I won’t name any names, but I know who I am) somehow miscounted (twice) and I am currently only at GH/Artisans contest 14. So I need one more for the Gold veterans medal. The bright side is I have an idea for the mount already… and know what bits I still need to acquire. Not so sure about the rest.


Very nice! Happy you’ve been forced aboard! I believe I’ll be hitting 15 entries with this Golden Hat as well!


now this is enticing. Getting to work immediately! :smile:


So this is basically a “build your general already” contest, plus name invention? ^^


Could be. Or create a special character who isn’t your general. Or paint a classic mini that’s been gathering dust. Or convert something to look like the video game characters.

As with all these things we try to keep it focused enough to have a purpose and theme but vague enough to allow as many people to be inspired to enter as possible :slight_smile:


I never counted mine, I think I won 2 on the old forum, and possibly entered almost 15 in total too
Still have to figure out how to make this entry