Golden Hat XXXV: Chaos Dwarf Warriors

“Troops assemble!”

Warcolours Presents: The 35th Golden Hat competition on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

This contest has been sponsored by Warcolours! The gold winner will receive a €30 store coupon at Warcolours, courtesy of Poison:

The silver winner will carry home a kit of 10 Ceramics of Ancient Times:

While one lucky random participant will receive a kit of 15mm Tjubgob Character Set #1 from @Tjub and Admiralty Miniatures:

Subject Matter: Chaos Dwarf Warriors!

For this contest we want you to enter with one or more Chaos Dwarf warriors, however you imagine them to be.

The scope is wide and free: Arm them any way you like, and feel free to build dioramas; pit them against enemies; depict them enslaving, torturing or executing enemy captives; have their champion be a Bull Centaur or sorcerous-priestly acolyte; or have them accompanied by outlandish weapon teams if you like. If you wish your warriors to be attended by slave lackeys or Hobgoblin skirmishers, then go for it. You can enter with a single Chaos Dwarf warrior, or several in one or more different regiments.

Command groups with banners are always a popular sight and an excuse to go to town on freehand painting or converting. If you wish to build a battlement for your warriors to defend, or a whole altar with sacrificial scene in which the warriors partake, then by all means go ahead. If you think your warriors deserve some insane armoured personnel carrier or naval landing craft, then be our guest. Keep it as simple or as complicated as you like. Let your imagination run wild!

If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, please contact @Admiral and he’ll sort it out with the rest of the Staff.

Basing is unrestricted and up to your discretion. You may include plinths and display bases if you want. You may include fancy backgrounds. We want to encourage the creation of beautiful models and modelling scenes, not hamper it.

Subject: Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Bases: Up to your discretion.
The Due Date: 11:59 PM October 25th, 2020 EST (Eastern Time Zone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent either to the @GoldenHat account and/or to chaosdwarfsonline ( at ) no later than the due date. (Entrants have approximately 6 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact @Admiral. In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the Internet, e.g. with Imgur or with this forum’s direct upload function. Photos may not have additional text or items/models unrelated to your entry. Next, send a PM to @GoldenHat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:

  • Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place at the top in the vaunted Golden Hat Gallery.
  • Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona (if we manage to implement medals without hindering smooth updates of software).
  • Win paints and miniatures! See above for details.

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM @Admiral and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone!

The Staff


Wow…this competition is so open :scream:

I’m gonna spend the whole time panicking about what to paint. Lord knows my pile of grey knows no bounds haha - I’m sure I’ll find something


Damn…ive used all my best bitz already. Will have to search ebay… (like i dont all the time anyway)


Love it, hope I have time to get it done!

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Back to the drawing board again.


So just built something I think I’m gonna paint. :see_no_evil:

If it looks half decent it will be my entry - if it doesn’t - expect to see it on my blog haha


Can I submit some I finished earlier this week? Or do they have to be painted after this announcement?

@Filmdeg : You can submit them as long as you haven’t posted them online already, no problem.

As long as they haven’t been posted online before the announcement, then it doesn’t matter if you actually painted them six months before the announcement or during the deadline. :wink:

Ah, I posted them to my instagram a few days ago, nevermind!

Holy shit, what a competition! Still, as almost always, I have no idea what to do! Let’s see what’s going on, I’m looking forward to the other entries!


Gutted i posted sjoerdos sculpts already in blog. Theyd have been perfect. Its not stopping any1 else though…
The fact u can basically enter any chaos dwarf(s) at all means everyone can enter


Agreed. Also good comp for those of us building our armies up. More boots on the ground is always good. My army definitely has lots of toys and not enough boys atm.

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Great way for tjub to start collecting again maybe? :wink:


What I have planned will not really fit in my army, but then again… who does not like a nice diorama!

Now… I should make a plan… we’ve got about six weeks right?

I’m very curious to see what direction everyone is going to go


Design the diorama where the the models can slot in and out of it? So sometimes the chaos dwarves can battle and others…they pose!

Ive thought of something slightly different from my usual thing for an entry. But i think the reality will be : paint whatever i can in 5-6 weeks and enter


My mistake with previous dioramas is making the models too well fixed in


Magnets are good.

And as a part of all contests are pain and suffering…


Hashut accepts this blood sacrifice


Aye, you can’t call yourself a true hobbyist unless you’ve bled for it :yum: