Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

I loved the Brothers Djinn! The great thing about CDs in my opinion is the freedom to have fun with them. These are certainly fun finished to a high degree. Great t o see.


I couldn’t have put it better or more appropriately!

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Two more daemonic steampunk familiars initially inspired by the bowl with human feet that @Admiral shared, which I believe is Egyptian in origin?

On completion of the Little Daemon Bowl that Could a witty comment from @MichaelX inspired me to make a self locomoting daemonic octopus hookah for my pirate lord, couldn’t resist. Added a hook hand because this lil guy is obviously named Hooky the Hookah. At this point I should just start basing them and treating them as a chaff unit, they are amassing slow and steady.


They are so lovely. Your steampunk creations are fantastic.

Is it bad I want a bowl like that?


I mean, you’re asking an addict here. Might want to consult a third party. My obvious answer is “of course you want one, not only that though, you neeeed one!”

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Someday I’ll have a unit of 40 of these creatures, still fun in the meantime…


I have no idea what they are… but I am pretty sure I want a unit of 40 too.


The Asstopus Howitzer Hauler (workshopping names still)

Beware of the Asscannon image dump! It was a great build and the idea definitely evolved in directions I wouldn’t have predicted. Butt that’s the fun part, sometimes even feel like I’m on the sidelines letting the build do its own thing. The little arsetisans comp was a blast to work toward @MichaelX and @Oxymandias and it’s enjoyable to see how differently even a subcategory of a contest can be interpreted.

My long overdue attempt to put another servohauler chassis to use began by widening the wheelbase to accommodate the girth of the Chaos Space Marine Venomcrawler. Tossed some pen bits in a hole I unceremoniously reamed with a dremel and slapped the Dreadquake stack topper on the end of the barrel. I had originally planned on cutting the barrel down but loved the howitzer look especially given the chassis I was planning so I kept the length. 40k scout walker legs became the pistons to ram the barrel harder if the daemon misbehaves. This was an important detail, and a day 1 idea. Nervously I took a dremel tool to a Forgeworld Dreadquake in the no-going-back moment of the assembly.

Also of note here, snuck in some cheeky “truck-nuts” near the hitch. Kroot grenades, I couldn’t resist. Couldn’t convince myself to use these as such on prior builds, but this seemed to be my “opportunity”?

Speaking of Day 1 ideas, here is my hitlist of important ideas. Thought you all might enjoy

Some combinations made and bits added. As this will likely be a hellcannon proxy I used some leftover spikey arrays from the metal hellcannon kit.

Small details showing the drive gears from the main boiler to one of the turntable wheels. Spent a lot of time on nearly invisible details but I get stuck on functional ish mechanics… more on that soon.

One of my favorite parts, a rangefinder / targeting spyglass made from a mosh of bits, Kharadron, 40k Orks, Skaven wheel, and a pin from the trash box.

Starting to take shape now!

Mocked together the first and most important tentacle. I wanted the daemon to be attempting to turn the accursed torture machine off. Each tentacle was a wire with a tube of greenstuff to give it rough form when cured. Then it was installed with another layer of GS that was sculpted using ball end tools of varying sizes. Stab Stab Stab. Lastly a slow process of creating suction cups and pushing them into place with the same ball end tools.

Assigning the crew was tough but eventually landed on needing to scratch one guy together. I’m happy with the mix of RA and FW and I think my hellcannon crew stand-in fits decent enough. He’s made with Scibor legs, kroot accessories, dwarf miner arms?, a Kharadron rivet gun, and a bluestuffed hellcannon head. Also had to make a claw hand for the FW daemonsmith since I looted his pipe smoking hand for my sorcerer build. I think he’s my favorite daemonsmith of the range so was happy to see him as the arsetificer of the asscannon.

Final stage of the build. Finally had an excuse to use my favorite custom steam whistle!

Noodlebeard has arrived! Zero plans, this is the result. I ended up removing the Venomcrawler mouth then smooshing it back into place over the beard before sculpting the second tier of the Sarlacc mouth meets Bloodborne cosmic horror. Not really much explanation here, it happened. That is all.

Nothing to say here. I like this picture. I suppose it does show some of the barrel detailing too. Riveting all the additions took quite some time as well.

Random creature alert. For some dam reason I thought it was a requirement to use a sculpted horseshoe crab to slightly elevate this guy toward the beast he’s “encouraging”. In addition, more example of time spent on a entirely covered lavapunk base.

The sub-assemblies mostly ready for paint! Didn’t want to do subassy painting but it was pretty necessary for all those hard to reach crevasses.

Ah back to under-details I promised earlier. Couldn’t stop myself from creating piping from the control platform back to the primary boiler. How else does one expect to steer and aim this monstrosity!? Time wasted… practically yes… but I enjoyed it.

Suction cups, so … many … suction cups… Obligatory furnace grate eye patch… check, weird steampunk hat, check.

Weird peek at the malformed ass

Steam powered torture screws on the carapace were another must have. Especially since I looted the Chaos pointed star crest for my Destroyer that left holes open for just this purpose.


Gorgeous work as always. I love how your builds always look incredibly dark and menacing, but still contain elements of humour the closer you look.


@Reaver… i knew a lot of work went into this but damn son… :smiley: that is neat!

The face you sculpted is simply stunning!


Top notch! Humorous and dark at the same time. It truly looks alive, and the detailing is superb. Very well done on the technical detail additions! Also, don’t miss to post pictures of the painted, finished build in your log. Magnificent asscannon! The long barrel adds a lot.

I recognize that kind of checklist. I had a long checklist like hell when doing the orgy barge, all working after drying schedule so as not to miss anything. One day I hope to sculpt an asscannon for casting, insanely detailed to say the least. You guys have provided a lot of fresh inspiration toward that goal.

Well deserved gold!


Incredible stuff, amazing what you always produce for your army. Amazing!


Thanks @Admiral , @MichaelX, and @Habitual_Lurker ! Finally finished editing the lengthy draft with some commentary, you guys are too fast! I’ll surely have a separate post soon with more painted views than I could enter in the contest.


Octopass (thanks Admiral) the Nautical Ass. Asskraken?

My typical scheme and basing, although I did experiment with some weathering powders which I think helped in a small way.

Not much can be accomplished in Chaos Dwarf society without malevolent pointing - @chitzkoi (paraphrased). A throwback here to my own confused cart that accidentally could be an asscannon concept art for ATWD

Witness the leaky lube puddle on the platform. Something @MichaelX did in a similar capacity in his arsetisans build.


I had an extra assistant leftover from the asscannon which will assumedly be assigned to my assembly of familiars


This is exactly the phrasing I was hoping to receive.

For the Reavers of Uzkulak both size and the motion of the ocean are pivotal factors in the design process. Both, both is good.


The gun is dope!!! Love it and painted is even cooler! :shock:


I’ll be honest, I am one of those in the minority here who is not a fan or proponent of the ass cannon concept. This however was so brilliantly planned, assembled, and executed, and then beautifully painted that it wholly was able to transcend my aversion to the model type. Incredibly well done, and the mechanism and concept detail sets a very high bar. Amazing work! Also… pen bits… and that cross beam in the rear undercarriage looks suspiciously like a lego rod…


In this case I think that was actually a piece of trash I picked up off the street since it looked just like a Lego rod. It was some kind of tiny flag mast, for like parade flags or some such thing. There is some I think hard to spot cut up lego. part of a lime green translucent 1x1 lego cone on the creature’s “hat” and some of the underslung pipe supports. Rest assured I will steal more of your Lego ideas soon.

Thanks Jackswift! I was trying to shoot for some weird almost legion of asszgorh style model to fit in with my other artillery pieces. Grim but with some comedy if you inspect closely.


Ha… nice. That completely falls within the acceptable random bits category, too. I use many bits, with origins shrouded in mystery (no idea what they came from). Also, nicely sculpted horseshoe crab!