The Heralds of Hubris - Oxymandias the Mad

Welcome, traveller, to the Darklands. Here the Hearlds of Hubris, personal guard of Oxymandias the Mad wage war from their dark towers, enslaving the lesser races, vying for superiority against competing warlords and sorcerers and securing resources to feed the every hungry inustrial machine of Dawi Zharr society.

This blog is a continuation of my original blog on the older version of CDO which was later continued on the modern iteration of CDO and subsequently abandoned.
I was a long time lurker on the original CDO and was finally convinced to join and begin posting by @Admiral after purchasing some items from his Etsy store.

Since that time I have thrown myself into CDO life and played an active role in restarting our Zine and Podcast. (Which had featured, under a different creative team, on the earlier website.)

My “Big Hat” Chaos Dwarf army was originally built to play Age of Sigmar, however it was built in a time when my gaming group was falling out of love with the system. It was, in the end, use to play Warlords of Erewhon, a skirmish system where big round bases did not matter.

However, later on, WHFB began to interest me and my beloved big hats, on their giant lava bases would simply not rank. So, in order to play both systems, I did what any sensible person would do and made a second Chaos Dwarf army, this time inspired by a 1980s aesthetic..

However, now the Old World is upon us and controversially the basing standard is moving from 20mm to 25mm. It feels like the right time to rebase and finish a project that begun circa five years ago!

It is my hope that this army continues to grow and that this blog will serve as a place to record my legions of hat-loving miniature Mesopotamians!


  1. Gallery ( A pinned post which is updated with finished models as the blog progresses)

  2. Plastic big hats added including a dude with a Tjubling on his head!

  3. Work in progress war machines and balrog.

  4. Balrog

  5. Skullcracker , death rocket and zonk sorcerer speed paint!


The Master of Madness:

Battle standard Bearer 1

Battle Standard Bearer 2 (Sculpted by @Fuggit_Khan and available from @Admiral 's Etsy store.)

Zonk Sorcerer

Games Workshop Chaos Dwarf Warriors with hand weapons and shields (Part 1)

Games workshop chaos dwarfs with hand weapons and shields (part 2) kindly donated by @Zanko

Zonk Handgunners (Part 1)

Zonk Immortals with Great Weapons (Part 1)



Games workshop Balrog


First post in a new blog! Please check out the GALLERY section of this blog to see some of my older miniatures that I have rebased and added little highlights etc to. I’ll be uploading WIPS and finished paint jobs as blog posts moving forward and updating the gallery as I go!


Great models! :hatoff: I can’t wait to see what else you will present to us! :beer:

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Well @Zanko the first thing to appear will be something that you yourself donated to the cause!

Classic Big Hats given to me by the ever generous Zanko! Standard pin shields (chequerboards no doubt incoming) and did anyone notice a “@tjub -ling “ hat ornament? I’m told it’s all the rage in the darklands :metal:t2:


Brilliant! I bet they have the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland somewhere in a deep dungeon cell and force him to produce all those lovely head ornaments :wink:


You have such a distinctive and beautiful painting style…there’s just not enough praise I can offer to do justice to your miniatures.
And always a delight to see my sculpts painted up, thank you very much for purchasing them from Admiralty Miniatures :heart:


@Fuggit_Khan thanks for the lovely feedback - much appreciated


Mate! great blog already.

Something about great mace wielding plastic bighats is such a friggin mood. Amazing how much a weapon swap changes the feel of the mini. Not enough bonk sticks in official chaos dwarfs.

Pushpin ON TOP of a hat is also hilarious, plans to copy skull mask Tjublings on top of hat are already in-work. So given the precedent, your daemonsmith will need to have hat + pushpin riser + skull Tjubling. and your sorcerer lord will need all of that except a tjubling with a fireguard hat.

I’ll certainly be back here whenever I need to copy an eye.


Cheers Reaver! Yes, keep an EYE on this blog. CHECK back regularly.

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That Percival Shellmyar thing is underrated as well. ^^
Or maybe such flavour texts in army project don’t get that many comments in general, but to break this up, it is totally cute!


Cheers bruv :slight_smile:

Finished these off during a hobby hangout with @Hotstuff and @Zoddtheimmortal tonight. Some more classic big hats to join the ranks! Chequerboard and eyeballs to keep @Reaver coming back for more haha :joy:

@Zanko thank you once again for donating these to the cause!


Some WIPs!

Balrog (counts as Kdai Destroyer)

A Skullcracker engine with big wacky racers energy

And a death rocket. I want to paint it as if lava is being drawn out of the grounds, along the mosaic on the floor and powering it. It’s hard to explain. I’ll give it a go. If it looks like crap I’ll not share it haha :joy:


Drums in the deep…


If I ever have a Balrog, I want it to look just like this. Phenomenal work, it looks absolutely fantastic

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Cheers mate!


WOW! These all look awesome. I love the shields and the helm decoration on the warriors. The chariot concept looks so fun, and the Balrog is terrifying. Awesome work, can’t wait to see more :crossed_swords:


Thank you!

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