Chaos Dwarfs Online - Badges

At Chaos Dwarfs online we have a way of recognizing the outstanding contributions of our members. Formally, on the old software these were known as medals. Here they are known as badges, although the terms are pretty interchangeable.

There are several types of badges, which appear under a members profile once you click on their profile picture. I’ll quickly explain what they are and how to get them, here, so that you all know what people have done and how to gain them yourselves.


Our prestigious painting competition, the Golden Hat has been a regular competition ran at CDO for many years. Users are challenged to paint miniatures to a loose brief and entries are voted upon by the community. Respect the wearer of a golden hat beardling, he has proven that the brush is mightier than the blunderbuss!

Golden, Silver and Brazen (or Bronze) Hats. These are achieved by placing first, second or third, respectively, in our painting competition, the Golden Hat.


Our other main competition is the Artisan’s. Users are challenged to draw, create, kitbash or sculpt in a contest of creativity. Once again, entries are voted upon by the community and badges are awarded. The bearer of the badge is a true daemonsmith who has toiled long in the forges below the ziggurats of CDO.

Golden, Silver and Brazen (or Bronze) Cogs. These are achieved by placing first, second or third, respectively, in our creative competition, the Artisan’s Contest.


Our third and final regular contest. The Scribe’s contest challenges users to create fiction, poetry, rules, songs, myths, legends and lore in a battle of creative writing. Users vote upon entries and a victor is crowned. Young Dawi, prostrate your self before this cunning creator of cuneiform for surely he speaks with voice of Hashut himself!

The Gold, Silver and Bronze tablets. These are achieved by placing first, second or third, respectively, in our creative writing compitition, the Scribe’s Contest.


Hear the ground tremble as their plastic, resin and lead legions march into battle. The bearer of this badge has amassed and painted a mighty throng and now fights for the glory of Zharr Naggrund.

The Points of Army medals come in six flavours: Blackshard, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. To obtain each one, you must have the requisite number of points made, painted and posted. It is generally easiest to collate a thread with this and include an army list.

Lists accepted in order to claim medals are Evil Dwarf or Hobgoblin armies using one of these lists:
Ravening Hordes (6th Edition Warhammer)
Legion of Azgorh (8th ed. Warhammer)
Abyssal Dwarfs (King of Wars 3rd ed.)
Legion of Azgoth (Age of Sigmar, free point list on Forge World website)
Infernal Dwarfs/Hobgoblins(9th Age, free through 9th Age website).
Warhammer Armies Project (Hobgoblins or Chaos Dwarf lists available free from the website)

The armylist must be rules legal and may include approiate proxy models.

This makes it easier for staff to check, but they need to be notified and sent a link of where to find the army. Bronze is for 1,000 points, Silver is for 2,000 points, Gold is for 4,000 points, Platinum is for 6,000 points, Diamond is for 8,000 points and Blackshard is reserved for the most epic of Chaos Dwarf armies at 10,000 points!


This user is true archivist, who has added great worth to the libraries of Zharr Naggrund. Marvel at the amassed images they have contributed to our every growing image galleries!

The Image Gallery medal (the camera) comes in three varieties and shall possibly contain a fourth in the future. Gold, Silver and Bronze again. To get the Bronze, one must post 5 units within the Image Gallery / Specialist Games and Misscellany Gallery section of the forum. Silver is 10 and Gold is 15. Platinum is 20, Diamond is 25 and the ultimate Blackshard medal is given for 30! Any Chaos Dwarf -, Hobgoblin -, Fireborn -, Bull Centaur -, or slave unit counts for this as long as it is a new unit. All your characters combined counts only once, every type of warmachine counts only once each, combines emissaries count once, all complete specialst game teams counts once pr game (complete mordheim team, man-o-war fleet etc). All other unit types, only count once, no matter how many different units of it you post, but we still encourage people to do so.


Look at his battle scars, marvel at the horns that grow from his head, see the flecks of silver in his beard and feel his skin as it slowly turns to stone. This Dawi Zharr is a veteran of our competitions and demands your respect young beardling!

The Veteren’s Medal is awarded to those who have participated in forum competitions. Competing in five contests (either Aristans and/or Golden Hat) makes one eligible for a Bronze Medal. Silver is rewarded upon entering 10 competitions and Gold for entering 15, Platinum for 20, Diamond for 25 and the highest of honour is the Blackshard medal for entering 30 competitions!


A great traveller, a journeyman, a dwarf who has lead many a raid on foreign lands. The bearer of the badge has sent his warriors forth across the world in one of our various exchange or gift giving initiatives.

The Diplomat Medal is awarded for participating in The Great Emissary Project, Secret Zhanta or The Great Unification Emmisary Exchange. Bronze is for 5 emissaries, silver for 10 and gold for 15. The Darklands are a dangerous place and many get lost there. In order to count, emissaries must be send out and make it to their destination.


A summoner of daemons, an an unholy craftsman who creates warriors from raw materials and sends them out to conquer all those before him. A dark father has sculpted and created new chaos dwarf and/or hobgoblin themed miniatures and made them avalaible to the community.

This medal is awarded for bringing new Chaos Dwarf models into the world. It’s awarded to the members who’re responsible for making this happen. A criteria for recieving this medal is that the models have been cast in a reasonable quantity and sold or given back to the community. Also acceptable are 3D sculpted models that are made available to the community.
Bronze - is for making 1 model.
Silver - is for making 5 models.
Gold - is for making 10 models.


The most devoted of Hashut, this firebrand zealor has spread the word of the father of darkness far and wide. Many has he recruited to our cause.

The Dark Apostle medal is handed out for bringing word of CDO to the internet. This community is driven by members uploading content, donating prizes, discussing rules and joining competitions. We want to award those members who spread the word of CDO. Link their own blogs in facebook groups, promote our competitions, commenting on other forums, bring in new members from tournatments and so on. For this medal to work, members will have make mention of themselves. Please keep in mind that CDO does not want to become known for spamming.


His grimoires are of legend, his battle manuals studied by all. This is no mere scribe. This is a living legend in the canon of Chaos Dwarfs.

The Veteran Scribe’s Medal is awarded to those forum members who have participated in five Scribe’s Contests.


This Dawi has contributed writing, time, art or editing skills towards the dark gospels that we know as “Zines”

Contributors to the Brazen Bulletin and its forerunner the Word of Hashut Webzine will receive this medal!


There is a fell voice upon the winds. This Chaos Dwarfs battlecry may be heard across the world. They have leant their words and wisdom to one or more of our podcasts.

The CDR medal, is a medal for making an “appearance” on the podcast, Chaos Dwarf Radio - The Brazen Broadcast or its forerunner, Chaos Dwarf Radio. Long time hosts and helpers of the Podcast will also receive this medal.


His wealth is endless, his prizes are plenty. Look in awe upon the sacrifices that flow forth from the Dawi’s vaults. He is a major prize sponsor and has given much, while asking very little in return. Hashut look favourably upon him.

The Major Prize Sponsor medal is awarded for donating chaos dwarf related miniature prizes for the CDO compititions (GH, AC, SC). There’s no set ‘minimum’ required to receive the medal. The Staff will determine if a member is to be awarded the sponsor medal based on: number of prizes or times donated, prize size, value, rarerity, general usability and method of donation.
The staff can at any point decline a prize donation on account of having too many in stock (or ask that the donation be made for a later competition). Not all prizes will be appropriate however any heart felt donation will always be appreciated.

Some of the more obscure badges were not moved over to the new software. If you have a badge from the previous website that you were particularly proud of and would like this on your new profile message me (Oxymandias) and I will see what I can do.


If you feel that you are worthy of a medal, or you think that someone else is worthy of a medal being given, PM one of the staff (admins or moderators) to make your nominations. We tend to keep track of the competition badges and award these after each contest however it is your responsibility to message us if you feel that you or someone else is deserving of a badge that they have been yet to be awarded. Please bare in mind that this sometimes takes a bit of time. It isnt complicated but also isnt a press of a single button. So once you make this request, please be patient.


Spoon badge.

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How would you earn it? For competing in 5 comps and not getting in top3? Many would get it I think, nearly everyone one day.
Everyone likes the idea of winning a spoon haha

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The spoon badge could be or wood, iron, or brass, for number of times earning the spoon award. Possibly 5-10-20x. The actual spoon should be traveling award imo. This award isnt something to strive for, exactly. I jest when I claim the spoon, I just am not artistic. This community makes me want to try, however. It would be a cool way to track progress in a feild where some of us just arent wired to win, but eventually suck less.

Hahaha spoon badge :see_no_evil::joy:

In all seriousness thiugh the veterans badge is there for those who consistently take part, regardless of where they place.

A new badge is coming though people…or rather an older one is being reborn …being announced in December…

@Loidrial i need your pixel skills amico!


:spoon: got you covered :hat8:


Hello all,

Recent discussions have warranted a bump in this topic. Some of our grand contributors require badgination for their hats!

@Fabelzel is well in excess of deserving the highest tier Dark Father Badge for all of the models we see printed all over this forum. Whole armies and blogs are being constructed from his work. We have a lot of new sculptors joining so please feel free to reach out if you are sharing your sculpts with others!

I’ve also received nomination for @Admiral to be granted the highest tier of Dark Apostle. We currently have no badge holders at this tier and nobody but Admiral deserves to be first to claim. A mere google is all you need to see the cross posting Admiral does from Lustria online to the sunken valley of Karak-Reddit. Only a mere week ago, I was looking for seaborn ziggurat inspiration outside of CDO, and what do I find… A repost of a banner with sea ziggurat I did for my own Chaos Dwarfs that Admiral shared in 1 or 9 other places. Even reddit can be wholesome with Admiral at the helm.

Don’t forget about our image galleries! They’re a great place to go for inspiration scrolling. No-nonsense, no meme, topical image spam. Keep track of your contributions for more badgeyness.

The first post of this thread has a good summary of our medals. Feel free to DM me if you feel you are worthy of an allocation that has been missed. It may be helpful to open up that DM with me and continually edit to keep that first message updated with all medals earned for easy cross reference. This helps especially for veterans medals.

Something of this format.
Golden hat XXX (hyperlink) Medal: Bronze (results link)
Golden hat XXXI (hyperlink) Medal: N/A

Artisan’s Contest (hyperlink) Medal: Gold (results link)

Image gallery infantry: 2 units (links)
Image gallery monsters: 1 (link)