Darth Reaver Guns Down Grey Squadron [BATG 2024]

2023 was a year of many ups and downs, irresistible minis, irresponsible purchases, and painting to keep one nostril above water. This year I aim to squash the grey rebellion.

For the Empire!

BATG has continued to be a good push for productivity and I look forward to another year of minis both Chaos Dwarf and off-topic posted to the forum.

Here are some of the projects I’ll be looking to tackle this year:

  • Ebrietas Daughter of the Grey Cosmos (the last Bloodborne miniature if I don’t finish in 2023)
  • Ankh Gods of Egypt the board game
  • Tomb Kings
  • Beeg chaos dwarf projects!
  • Stupid Kroot, hell why am I going to even bother painting these Kroot

The Official Tally

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 7
:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Created: 1
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 22

Total: -14

Month :heavy_plus_sign: Added :heavy_minus_sign: Painted :heavy_equals_sign: Total :chart_with_downwards_trend: Running Total
Jan 7 5 +2 +2
Feb 1 4 -3 -1
Mar 0 1 -1 -2
Apr 0 3 -3 -5
May 0 9 -9 -14

Egypt Stuff

Models Painted: 6

Tomb Kings
Models Painted: 0


Post reserved for 40k Minis?


Post reserved but differently


Bit of model archeology to start off the new year. Posting the WIPs to get me motivated.

These decidedly old 1970s LOTR models were fun to strip the tough old paint, repair broken bits, resculpt blunted texture on the soft metal, and attempt to generally resurrect.

The Gandalfs (503 Grey Wizard and 508 Grey Wizard Mounted) as well as 523 Mounted Nightwraith were from the linked unofficial line of lotr minis. I’ve got some choice drunken orcs and a few others from this collection passed along to me by a friend’s dad 15 years ago. The Rohan standard bearer is from Elan Merch and will probably be painted ghostly to accompany the Ringwraith in my oldhammer undead force. I also painted another Elan Merch sculpt, a ringwraith, in 2023. I remember playing with these as a kid and that dam ringwraith’s sword broke every time and was eventually lost. I did my best to recreate it in its original style.

And now for something completely different. Kroot with two thumbs per hand. I’m not a big Kroot fan but pulled these for free in a mystery box. The beeg Kroot is a mage knight bone golem that was once a childhood tomb king, then a teenage Tyranid… so it basically needed to be fully covered in green stuff.

Now I also had a pile of old crappy dark eldar bits. What better way to get rid of stuff I don’t like than to glue them together? I don’t know, it kind of worked. They’re goofy and a bit of a meme about how little interest I hold with Kroot. But, I think I’ve made them my own enough to get some paint on them.


Nothin like starting the year with 50 year old minis. The oldest and the greyest. Gandalf the greyest. I always love painting a Gandalf. I’ll have to dig out my “You shall not pass” on a Gandalf sculpt box for pictures.

Pretty pleased with my DIY ghost paint and a bit of overly aggressive Morgul glo(SL). Suck it Nihilbleck Oxide and your price-style shrinkflation.

Last post describes their origins.

Vaguely freehanded some bits of the Warhammer Armies Undead book onto ghost horse banner. I do have some GW Rohan but I felt these mounted old minis fit better with my hair metal undead. A proper excuse to get them off the grey pile now.


One printed, one painted. Hopefully this year I can conquer the shame of thrones that is my neglected Man O War blog.


Continuing to pick up warcry shiteboxes from eBay. I was definitely the correct customer for these used Cypher Lords pieces. Salvaged the heads for future Thousand Sons conversions and will be forwarding the remaining grey along…

The minis I’m keeping will go to some kind of Tzeentch Mordheim Carnival dancers of fate kind of vibe.



For years I have stood, feet planted in the Earth, with the might of the grey cosmos very near to me, only just above my head. Ebrietas the left behind great one, last of the Bloodborne bosses.

The night, and the dream were long. 2 hundred somethin minis and the full Bloodborne game is now painted.

Upper Cathedral Ward with its big bad thyroid gland of a boss mini can now be displayed.

Still only counts as -1


From the early days of BATG on CDO…

These are all the main game boxes, not including the scattering of stretch goals mobs here and bosses here


Red Bard continues to impress and go the extra mile. Here’s a lovely freebie from the boars Kickstarter that just ambushed my mail.


Taking credit for my Golden Hat entry now. Pics to follow in my blog when sharing is allowed. Back in the negatives!


By virtue of me having no square based units belonging on smaller than 40mm bases… 2024 continues to be the year of the beeg. So here’s beeg peeg. Queue obligatory still only counts as one.gif


Been a slow painting couple of months but I finally took a few Ankh monsters across the finish line.

I have tons of minis based and ready for prime time including Ankh, ogres, and boars.


Taweret goddess of erhm checks notes … fertility?

Super fun minis to paint, continuing my year of big ol miniatures that still only count as one.


This Petsuchos is really the Tomb King crocobone dagron replacement for the Old World that everyone but me needs. What a glorious hunk of plastic, excited to get him in a game of Ankh.


Dammit now we all want one


Finishing off May taking credit for my barely finished artisans entry. Pictures will be posted to my blog when the voting finishes.