Hotstuff's 3D Print Experiments

Yeah my one was about £200. But i recommend it.
Especially with your sculpting skills

A small update now I’ve received some parts so kindly printed by @MichaelX.

I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out and really pleased my death rockets don’t have to live in my bitz box anymore.


very very lovely bits. grey gold :hat3:


Just some more before/after results. Time to get some greenstuff.

Anybody have tips for ranking these guys face forward?


Ranks like so (line is tab beneath the feet), varying placing the feet at the back and front of the base:

– _ – _

– _ – _


yeah. dont. hauhuahuahu
if you wanna face them forward, use the chance with this print and point the weapon in front of them. having it on the side will surely end up hitting the one next to.
you could try to offset them a bit as well, one more to the front of the base and the 2 next to, bit more on the back, like a wave motion


I did my facing the front… don’t think I’ve put up any pics though… gotta get on it. ^^

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Howdy! I wanted to add some more variety to the monopose dudes so we got hats this time:


Nice job!

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Time for an update! First a look at some actual prints:

Very happy how the hats add variety to my maimed monopose warriors.

I also felt Zhatan needed his own shield design.

As my Death Rockets have custom wheels, I was interested in giving the Earthshaker some chunky wheels. I’m sure you guys can spot the inspiration.

So, what’s next? Since the 5th edition is so banner heavy I felt I could do better than the fragile paper banner. Here are some screenshots of a first few experiments. I get particularly excited when I find things in the official artwork that don’t show up in the sculpts (Zhatan shield & banners) or in the available banners.

Many of my lords are missing their back banners, so I had to fix them.

All banners will fit onto 1.5mm brass rod.

Lastly a few more axeblades:

Thanks to all you fellows for keeping me company during the hobby hangouts on the discord. Painting with friends in person is sadly jut not a thing anymore at my age, so this a game/life-changer for me.

STL’s will be uploaded soon to Cults3D where I’ll be hosting the models slightly more organised.


Nice work mate, have to get some those hats for certain projects, as well shields. And axe heads…

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Really nice work! I’m not a fan of paper banners and you’ve done a great job faithfully recreating them. Keep it up

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Wonderful stuff! I think the Zhatan shield is my favourite. Perfect fit!


A totally different type of 3D printing. This time it’s modular magnetic bases. I’ll upload the files soon, but I shot a little video explaining the project.


Really amazing stuff here!

Pretty impressive how small the gaps are.

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Impressive stuff Emiel!


Time to bump the ol’ thread. Although hobby productivity has been low recently, I wanted to let everyone interested know I’m moving my creations to my Cults3D page.

A few new things to find there including some banners and perhaps a warmachine.


Those wheels are so so good


This is all great stuff!! On behalf of the community a big thank you for uploading these!! I agree with MX - those wheels are glorious!! And you’ve got my favourite design of the old school banners included too – just grand!