Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Ideally, as this blog grows I will curate this list of links to key posts for those seeking to navigate to something specific

Old School Miniatures

Lamassu WIP1 & WIP2 Painted Post
Octopod and Tar Monster Painted Post
Swivel Gun Kitbash Painted Post
Asscannon WIP Post Painted Post

Russian Alternative

Infernal Guard with Fireglaives WIP Post Painted Post
Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Blunderbusses WIP Post Painted Post
Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons WIP Post Painted Post

Lost Kingdom

Immortals Post


Daemonsmith Post
K’Daai Fireborn Post
Magma Cannon Post
Iron Daemon Post
Iron Daemon / Servohauler Kitbash Post
Skullcracker Kitbash WIP Post 1 & WIP Post 2 Painted Post

Games Workshop

Black Kraken Post
Kharadron Infantry Kitbash WIP Post Painted Post
Kharadron Daemonsmith Kitbash Post
Skaven Slaves Post
Skaven Chieftain Post
Fyreslayer Pyromancer Kitbash Post 1 & Post 2
Hellcannon Post
Master of Madness Post
Asscannon/Servohauler Crane/Venomcrawler Kitbash WIP Post Painted Post
Servohauler Tenderizer WIP Post Painted Post
BFSP Xander Conversions WIP Post Painted Post
Swivel Gun Post
Corsairs Post

Scibor Miniatures

Scibor Miniatures Lord Post
Scibor Miniatures Brothers Djinn Conversion Post
Scibor Miniatures Emissary Post


Chaos Halfling Iron Beast Post

Red Bard Games

Ogres WIP Post
Asscannon Post
Pirate Airship Post
Castle Juggernaught Post
Metallic Cyclops Post

Miscellaneous Miniatures

Mage Knight Giant Post
Mage Knight Chariot WIP Post Painted Post
Mage Knight Axe Knight Post
Admiralty Miniatures Bazooka Team Post
Admiralty Miniatures Ceramics Post
Familiars Unit #1 WIP1, WIP2, WIP3, WIP4, WIP5, WIP6 Painted Post
Familiars Unit #2 Paint1, Paint2, Paint3, Paint4, Final Paint
Warlus WIP Post Painted Post
Sorcerer of Hashut on Palanquin Kitbash WIP1, WIP2, & WIP3 Painted Post
K’Daai Destroyer Kitbash WIP Post
Fabelzel Tjubling Palanquin Post
Battleforge Hobgoblin Spears Post
Zonk Sorcerer Post
Zonk Asscannon Post
Mixed Blunderbusses Post

Basing, Terrain, & Tutorials

Lava Basing Post
Steampunk Basing Post
Dancing Yak 3D Printed Statue Post
Movement Trays Post
Fleshtone Post
Movement Trays in Fusion 360 Post
Green Stuff Roll Maker Post
Grey Scale Painting Post
DIY Washes Post
Miniature Photography Post
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