Pyroven is a Balrog in the Mines of Moria [BATG 2024]

After missing the mark on my BATG 2023, and finishing with a score of +58, I have decided to have a wraparound BATG this year. I will start this year with a score of +58, and hope to defeat it by the end of this year.

That is not to say last year was a failure, I finished painting a fantastic 142 miniatures!

See here a highlight of the things I painted in 2023.


My BATG is simple

  • If I bought it or acquired it actively and I intend to keep it for painting, it adds to my score (because then it is in the pile).
  • If I sell something from the pile, it detracts from the score.
  • If I receive it as an unsolicited gift, it does not add to the score.

Scorecard for this year:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Added 0
Sold 0
Painted 12
Total 0
Score +46

Here’s to a good year ahead for all, and may your BATG be as positive or negative as makes you feel positive!

Link to BATG Overview Thread for 2024.
Link to BATG Spreadsheet for 2024.
Link to my BATG Spreadsheet for my personal style.


Why start off at 50+ and not just 0 like the rest of us?


Also, what about unsolicited gifts you DO intent to paint?

Honestly, it makes stuff so much harder and more confusing haha

Not that its against the rules obviously haha

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How much of your collection went with you to Denmark as opposed to staying in the UK? I’m leaving everything but one project behind personally, altho the one project is more than 100 minis.

If you can make clear what the “minis sold” number is, and remove that factor from the communal spreadsheet, then I can include you in my 2024 BATG Rankings series for fun. Of course you can do whatever you like with your blog and self analysed dataset regardless - just need to smooth it out to standard for the pro sports analysis.


I just want to, I really wanted to get a negative score last year and I just felt a bit like I sort of had the chance to do so swept out from under me. This way I can sort of get a second go at beating 2023.

Gifts shouldn’t bring guilt, so even if I intend to paint them I won’t count them as negatively (or rather, positively) affecting BATG.

It makes sense to me haha. If I play an active role in its acquisition and intend to paint it, then it raises my BATG score; If I don’t intend to paint it, it doesn’t, or if I don’t play an active role in acquiring it, it doesn’t either.

“The Pile” for me is consisted of models which I have ever decided I will paint at some stage.

FInally, models can only leave the pile (and therefore lower my BATG score) by being sold or painted.

It’s hard to say without counting them, but probably 200-300 order dwarfs is what I have with me now. Out of my total warhammer collection, that’s probably about 1/5th. I have a lot of stuff packaged up at home ready to ship to Denmark, (probably 400+ models) but so far I haven’t had any money with which to ship them

Minis sold is stuff which is in the pile which I sell instead of painting. I am only now realising that the official thread rules don’t explicitly accommodate negative points for clearing out/selling minis, but I was sure it was part of the general concensus.

Are you asking me for clarification on my numbers painted/sold for 2023 just finished or for 2024 the year ahead?

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Well, the consensus is, do what you want - count what you want. Report yourself as blackshard at the end of the year and we would give you the badge NQA, that’s totally up to the blogger. Count however you please and post what you want.

But for the purposes of my league graph and the “competitive” BATG, I can only count fully painted and based minis posted on a blog, and self-reported purchases. The “competition” is who can paint the most minis without buying themselves backwards.

This is partly because, on multiple exhausting occasions, people obviously spiked their numbers and/or posted dogshit minis claiming to be king shit of shit mountain.

More broadly, we agreed that the spirit of BATG is to paint more of the minis you intend to paint - and as such a scoring system that rewards people for throwing out, selling off or trading away a ton of minis is just totally irrelevant to what we’re about.

It’s best to consider your grey mountain to consist of those minis you own that you want to paint and play with but haven’t yet, and not to include those minis you don’t intend to keep. That’s also why we don’t count the size of the pile as the year starts - only your progress from that moment on.


Yes, I believe we understand each other.

Just for the record for anyone else wondering, I only count sold minis as counting towards BATG if I truly had intended to paint them. For example here. Similarly on the flip side, if I decide I want to paint minis I previously hadn’t intended to, then I add them to the BATG score. For example here.

Managing a collection of the type you and I have is hell on earth to begin with so I find the fact we both now store them internationally to be grimly hilarious

Looking forward to seeing what you get done in denmark boss!


Except when they were a gift :sweat_smile:

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As chitz says mate, count however you want, but try to be consistent. If you count models you get as a gift and intend to paint them, fine, also count them when painted or sold after, fine. Keep it consistant.

If you buy minis in a bulk deal and 50 of those you dont want, dont count them… but also dont count them when you sell them. Simple

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I have made a diagram so we can all be on the same page about how I have been doing BATG so far.

It’s all moot, as I will now change my official spreadsheet entries to fit the official BATG guidelines.

Green lowers BATG score, Red raises BATG score, grey makes no change to BATG score.

Again, this is moot now. I will now persue two different scores, one for me and one for the official BATG accounting. I will also retroactively change my 2023 scores to be painted-only in the official spreadsheet.

Edit: My spreadsheet for tracking my deviant unofficial BATG style.


You might get some joy from EFD’s blog if not already seen - he uses a Shame Golf system (i think of his own devising?) And the FigureCase app to manage his whole backlog. I’m tempted to do the same myself on the latter point, or at least survey every mini I have with me in Korea to track a percentage.


I actually stole the Shame Golf system from Dana Howl - it’s linked within the first few posts of each of my logs, the link is here:

I’ve been keeping it as a separate count of bonuses and penalties apart from my “official” BATG count, which includes everything added or painted. It’s a little more bookkeeping (see my 2022 blog for just how extensive that can get) but it allows me to keep track of… well, everything else.

And it means I can avoid maintaining a separate spreadsheet, which feels tidier, somehow.

The figure case app is just the best, although I tend to fiddle with it so it’s not a useful moment-to-moment tracker. The year-to-year comparisons are amazing, though. As a resource to idly examine and plan out my hobby work, it’s simply unmatched.



-2 Dwarf Cannons
-1 Dwarf Cannon (Battle for Skull Pass)
-1 Dwarf Organ Gun


Very nice - crewmen to follow??

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Pyro, this is the first ever BatG I’ve seen that needs a flow chart to understand :joy:


Cannons looking good mate!!!


With sports comes insidious memeing.


Perhaps the most ironic part is Jac is the reason we don’t count giveaways in the first place.

You would think that, wouldn’t you? Haha

Unfortunately most of my crewman models have been completely miss-built so at this moment i am ignoring them. I did paint one in November though.