[WHFB] Waaagh! Rudnik - Night Goblin Auxiliaries [2023-10-22]

Picking up where I left it at the old forum.

I started collecting Night Goblins in 5th edition with the release of the (then) new plastic models. I just couldn’t resist. Since then I’ve added new models to bring it to about 3000 points, and I keep it fluffy. I only use Night Goblins, Squigs, Snotlings (they are anywhere Greenskins are) and Trolls, but I use a forgeworld Squig Gobba as a Kamikaze Goblin (the stats work pretty good) and I may get one of those Troggoths and use it as a Giant.

My Night Goblins have the best chance of actually being a completely painted army, and with BATG 2022 this is definitely on the menu.

Phase I: Core troops are finished. We have a horde of 100 Night Goblin Stabbaz, cunningly arranged with an offset to appear a little more ramshackle, the multi-bases also makes taking away casualties a little easier and I only had to use 96 models, so I could assemble a second command unit if I want to field two smaller units. Then we have 2x20 Night Goblin Shootaz, these are the older 5th edition models. The three Shootaz from Zarbag’s Gitz are perfect to replace one command unit if I want to field one unit of 40 Shootaz. Then we have Fanatics, 3 older metal ones, 6 newer plastic ones and the one from Zarbag’s Gitz. The empty base with mushrooms is used when I want to put Skarsnik in the Stabbaz horde to fill up a gap from a multi-base.
All in all I am very pleased with these units. The horde looks amazing, I just might have to go over the bases in the end, they need more stuff on it

Phase II: Next up are the Squigs. Here we have 30 Squigs and 20 Squig Hoppers, an assortment of very old sculpts, newer ones and the current Gloomspite range. As you can see, the Night Goblin herders are already painted, they are also a mix of older and newer models. Squigs are already primed and ready to go, I want to do zenithal priming and glazing to paint them in the teal/turquoise scheme I also used as a highlight colour on the Night Goblins.

Phase III: Last we have the command cadre, namely Skarsnik and a bunch of Bosses and Shamans. Here we also have the big guys, two Mangler Squigs, a counts-as-kamikaze-Squig Gobba, six river trolls (being converted to fungus trolls) and six of the new stone trolls (OK, rockgut troggoths, amazing models!) and a Snotling Pump Wagon with two Snotling bases.

Game-wise the army is really fun to play. Lots of random movement and random attacks, but also lots of units carrying a surprising punch. I only have 2/3 “regular” Night Goblin units, so Animosity is not much of an issue. Psychology as a whole, actually, most of the units are immune to psychology, ironically making my Night Goblins more steadfast than my Elf and Dwarf armies.


Nice to see those new style trolls ranked up!!

Great looking army mate. Look forward to further
Progress :slight_smile:


Thanks mate!

I was really happy and thoroughly impressed with that kit. The way the models come together is quite genius and gives lots of variety. And they look stunning. Will have lots of fun painting these…


Lovely colour scheme. The army will be great when its done. Ive been collecting goblins for a loooong time. Its great to see the armies i dropped for chaos dwarves haha.
Id want another pump wagon in there though, maybe 2, they are fun!
The mantic automated goblin drill thing can easily be repurposed for night goblin usage.
Another melee unit of n.g.s are a must too.

The plastic squig set was needed so badly for hordes of squigs.

Following with interest


Thanks mate!

And what a nice kit that is too!
If only it came in the WHFB-compatible 9+3 model mix instead of the AoS 10+2 :sweat_smile: Luckily the Zarbag’s Gitz war band could also help here. That kit was such a good fit! 3 Archers? Exactly what I needed. 2 Squigs? Perfect, need them. A Netter? I’m short of a Squig herder. A Fanatic? Brings me to 10, so if I get the new plastic kit, I’d have both an AoS as well as WHFB compatible 15.

Honestly those Gloomspite Gitz kits are all amazing. Had so much fun assembling them, lots of variety possible, almost completely WHFB-compatible, awesome stuff.


Painted 9 Squigs to complete the first unit of Squig Herders.
First time I tried using a glazing technique. Although I am reasonable satisfied with the result, it didn’t turn out in a way I was aiming for. But now I know a few things I’ll change for the next batch.


Painted the next 9 Squigs for the second unit of Squig Herdaz.
I refined my glazing technique a little and gave the pink areas an additional highlight. It’s definitely an improvement over the first batch, but I still have an idea for the last unit.
This unit also includes five of the early “gnarly” Squigs. So goofy! But that little dragon one is still legit cool.


Love squigs, especially with this choice of color. Squigs can pull off most any color but these are bright while still reading like the glowy beasts from a dark cave. They look so good ranked up!


Thanks Reaver! Much appreciated. Another 12 of the latest sculpts incoming plus the Hoppers, the Squig Gobba and two Manglers. I can hardly wait seeing all painted up.

I mean what’s not to love about Squigs? I’m sure they rank highest in overall Warhammer fan appreciation :slight_smile: I love how they contrast with the hooded Night Goblins, such a good look.


Painted the last 12 Squigs for my Squig Herdaz.

I further refined my glazing technique and am quite happy with the result. These had more layers and highlights done than the last ones, and the gradient from Sotek Green to Stegadon Scale Green is nicer. The pink came out a little better too. Plus these latest models are just stunning. That current Gloomspite range is nothing short of fantastic.

Next up: Squig Hoppers.


Three generations of squigs! Nice!


Indeed, lovely Squigs through the ages! The Squig with a Gobbo in its mouth is my favourite out of all the various sculpts. And really nice painting there.

Also, good to see the new trolls ranked up. They look good as part of an Orc and Goblin force.


Painted the first two units of Squig Hoppers.

I am quite happy how the green and blue look together. I saw it already with the Squig Herdaz, but having large areas within the same model gives an even better look.

They nicely illustrate the evolution of this iconic Night Goblin unit and even the greater WHFB aesthetic. First we have the very old pewter models, from WHFB 4th and 5th edition. The Squigs (later renamed Gnarly Squigs, for the time when both sculpts were available) are very goofy and don’t really give off the menacing vibe associated with Squigs, but the Night Goblin riders are rather serious. Sure they have this derpy goblin-grin, but they seem to be in control of the situation and carry proper weapons, ready to bring the pain.

Then came 6th-8th edition, and the tonal shift in WHFB to be more gritty, and the new resin models. Now the Squigs look very mean and dangerous, whereas the Night Goblins look very much not in control. They don’t even carry weapons at this point (OK, one has a wooden sword. And obviously the one model is an old sculpt, unfortunately) Considering how they work in the game, this approach is the better fit imho. Nobody takes Squig Hoppers for the riders anyway.


Id say im taking notes but frankly I dont see myself pulling off the magnificent tzeentch contrast between the squigs and their own gums!


Thanks mate!
Yeah after the infantry I realised I needed a secondary highlight colour even within the limited palette. Rose/pink pairs nicely both with the green as well as blue, and it’s a good fit for gums, tongues and mushrooms. It will be more prominent once I get to the characters.

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Wow, more and more I am becoming a lover of the old models.

Really well painted, I also like the contrast between the green and blue.


Thanks mate, much appreciated! I’m rather fond of the blue as well, very happy with the decision. Once the last 10 Squig Hoppers are painted, all the more or less basic troops will be done, I can hardly wait to see them all together.

The old models have so much character, that goes for the Night Goblins but also pretty much all the model ranges. That oldhammer range from the early/mid 90s has lots of flair, at least all they had cast in metal.


If you had told me that two years ago, I would certainly have contradicted you. But since I have a few big hats (and have painted them) I have to admit that I am toying with getting some more.

Furthermore I want to build up my 2nd edition Warhammer40k Ork army again, let’s see what miniatures I can find.

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Lovely gobbos @Jasko.

Check out Knightmare Miniatures (both for 90s WH40K and WHFB orks): Kev Adams miniatures without the insane price tag of Rogue Trader / 2nd edition space ork stuff. :slight_smile:


many thanks

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