Legion of Jaskorh [2021-01-08]

I have begun work on my main hobby project for this year - finally assembling the Legion of Azgorh army idling away in a box for the last two years. That pile of shame has to transform into a slightly less shaming pile, so I can squash my opponent’s armies with it.

With recent events I am relieved I went ahead and just got everything I wanted in one go. It’s the complete Forgeworld range, a hefty chunk of the Lost Kingdom Miniatures (back when they still sold physical models) and a few additional items from Russian Alternative and others. What I am completely missing at this point are any Hobgoblins, we’ll see if the Russian Alternative can eventually fill this gap.

The plan is to finish everything this year and have a first game with it. We’ll see.


The only model I just had to assemble right away (and the only one I’ve already posted on the old forum) is the Sorcerer-Prophet (Lost Kingdom Miniatures) on Lammasu (Raging Heroes).

It’s great model and was fun converting a little bit, I magnetised the whole thing to also use the Lammasu unmounted or with the original Manticore head (not that I have a way of actually using it in a game)


First progress in 2021 is made. I’ll start with the Infernal Guard with Hand Weapons and Shield (Forgeworld)


just in time now that they are OOP xD
fantastic manticore + shedu head
i always loved that mini! unfortunatly it doesnt fit my classic bighat army (i already have the lammasu too)
curious to see how you will make it


Yeah I know, I had long planned to start assembling this year, and then comes the news that they’re OOP. Honestly I hadn’t even really checked the models, and in the second batch found a model with a pretty bad foot. I was a little panicked then and immediately checked all the other models, but It’s really only 1-2 bad infernal guards. Phew.

That Lammasu is great. It’s a liiiiiittle small, but then again it is not as powerful as a Taurus, so I guess it’s fine. And the Sorcerer-Prophet on top is a little too tilted the way I assembled it, I will have to alleviate that when I put the Lammasu on the base.

As for Big Hats, yeah, I have a small army of those as well. The pile never ends…


So glad to see this project up here @Jasko I look forward to seeing updates :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, yeah, it’s about time :21:

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Fantastic collection and perfect timing :24: I really like this range, enjoy the building

Looking forward to the 2021 progress


The Great Muster continues, soon the first regiment shall venture forth from the forges of Zharr Kagur