The Wolves of WoE - A Hobgoblin army project

This past golden hat I set myself a challenge. To make an army. I’d never seen an entry be as big as that before. Not a miniature or a unit of them, but an army. What follows is a document of my endeavours.

Ladies and gents, I present to you entrant number 17, the disqualified horde. The Wolves of WoE.


This army only exists because of two reasons.

  1. @Tyranno was interviewed on our CDO podcast, here. His love for the faction and ideas about how they could exists as a fighting force and cultire inspired me. The Khan of this lot is names Tyrannah Khan in your honour buddy.

  2. Hobgrots were released by GW. The AoS fans didn’t want them. eBay was flooded. They were bloody cheap!

  3. The Campaign for Real Orcs (if you know, you know)
    Making the army

This army is mostly plastic and games workshop bits. The hobgrots form the basis of most of it but there are conversions using older hobgoblin bits, battle masters pieces and plastic Wolves.

Painting the army

This was a speed paint in the extreme. Almost all of the army is contrast paints , with heavy highlights, finished off with streaking grime. I made my own hobgrot flesh with a greenier instead of yellowy hue by mixing skeleton horde and green contrast together . @warcolours paints did the heavy lifting with highlighting .

The Finished Army

Why were they disqualified from voting?

These sneaky sneaky gits snuck their way into a CDO webzine before the deadline of the competition. Typical Hobgoblin behaviour.

They fought the empire in an epic battle pictured below:

CDO spiritual liege/competition monkey, the right honourable @Admiral very kindly allowed them into the competition to take part but we decided the gits had been too sneaky to deserve any medals.


These are amazing!

I want to hear about all the bits you used?

I guess the fur hats are sculpted…
I can see Plague Monk torsos, those look good.

What about the bow arms, the hero bodies, some of the riders?

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Lots of oathmark, and Lotr scavenges there mate. Especially the hobbit movie warg riders. The miniatures are the only good thing about those awful prequel movies haha


What about the monopose diagonal archers?

I think you’ve settled my internal struggle - if they don’t release that Underworlds goblin warband by end of this month, I’ll spend the coupon on a Plague Monk rego. Properly mix well with the original Sneaky Gits I reckon.

The greatest miniature range known to man. Battlemasters by games workshop and MB games. @Zoddtheimmortal will tell you I’m on a one man mission to include a model from battlemasters in every fantasy army I do. In fact my current project. The empire one , is almost half heroquest and half battlemasters. I have an affinity with old monopose plastics.

These were headswapped barbarian archers


Yeah it’s a classic conversion, going right back to CDOs early days. Used to be goblin heads from the old goblin warriors they don’t make now, but these hobgrot heads work well. @Fuggit_Khan may even approve as the sculpt gives them back their trademark hunch! :slight_smile:


@chitzkoi added a better pic of them:


That hunch is why I’m probably gonna do it.

Battlemasters ladz looking hench af.


Back in the days when Chaos knew how to use ranged weapons.


Also, where did the burning wheel bit come from? hash tag asking for a friend


Amazing effort oxy.i love the troll with the rider on top. The stone trolls are some of my fav miniatures ever. I can’t see any oathmark in your army, so please highlight where.
The lotr wolf riders look great. The animal fur on the helmets is great, definitely helps to differentiate the unit.
The contrast you achieve on the the hobbo skin I particularly like… did you dry brush the wolves skin after your grime?

I have some plague monks I thought about turning to hobbos but I wasn’t sure on the feet. I don’t notice the paws in your photos, looks like I should give them a 2nd look.i also grabbed a few saruman orcs but there isn’t a lot of detail on the arms and legs so chickened out.
I still hope to give wargames atlantic gobbos a go I reckon they will be better than oathmark.


Oxy, are you serious, these are utterly fantastic! :hobkhan:
Amazing stuff, top shelf

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A mate gave that to me I’m afraid! So not sure! Sorry. Definitely a gw bit

Some of the bows. Tiny part used I know haha

Before :slight_smile:

Beautifully realized, and quite the undertaking. Your conversions bring the group of similar but separate models together quite nicely, and your painting finishes the job to an army that looks amazing.

I don’t see what everyone is going on about though re how quickly you pulled this together. If I start now, I can have a similarly converted army done to the same quality in short order… by say … the end of 2026, possibly a month or two earlier :wink:

But, seriously, hats off to such an impressive army build, in such a short time frame. Well done! :hobkhan: :hob2020: :beer: :hatoff:


You’re a bloody madman and I love it. Intense project, shaped up nicely, tip of the hat to you.


Wow… So impressed, but how on earth do you fint the time for this?! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, what can we actually say about this? You did in a month and half what I, until today, never did in 16 years of discontinued hobby.
That’s obviously a mad man work and belongs to a mad house.
I scrolled through the pics 3 times and honestly, those came out much better than what i expected from hearing on Discord

Gotta step up my game, gotta learn how to focus on a project and finish it, from chaos to chaotic in a matter of seconds

Bravissimo Jac!


Oxy man this are so so impressive, so many things to spot and unpack, incredible hobbying :hatoff:

Love the simple addition of the fur to the of minis to absolute madness of those archers